Friday, 9 May 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Battlemaser BLR-1D Build

I'm really loving my Battlemasters now; maybe because of that annoying AC/2 nerf I'm now starting to pilot practically all my mechs. That or all my mechs want to prove themselves to be just as powerful as my former favourite Triple AC/2 Hawk.

Also, you might notice I've been using Screenshots of my own mechs now; rather than the default image of the mech variant. This is partly due to my love for my new colour scheme; but also because the default image doesn't show the fantastic appearance of a modified mech!

Anyway, you might notice this build is extremely similar to another build of mine; just a tad faster; and in the form of a Master of the Battle!

Check it out right meow!

BLR-1D "Reizei" (STD325, 5x LL & 1x AMS)

Smurfy MechLab: [Link]

Role: Support
Speed: 61.9 kph
Firepower: 45
Armour: 464
Cost: 12.9 mil (Approximately)

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: 2 Large Lasers (Left Torso)
Secondary Weapon Group: 2 Large Lasers (Right Torso)
Tertiary Weapon Group: 1 Large Laser (Right Arm)  

Quaternary Weapon Group: 2 Large Lasers (Left Torso + Chain Fire)
Quinary Weapon Group: 2 Large Lasers (Right Torso + Chain Fire)
Senary Weapon Group: All 5 Large Lasers (Chain Fire)

The way this build works is exactly the same as my previous STK-5M build. Literally no different other than it's a Battlemaser.

I will state here however; when I say this build's role is "Support"; I don't mean hiding and all. Support means to support your team mates. You use those 5 Large Lasers to "snipe" at your enemy; but when your friendlies move to engage the enemy in a brawl; you keep with them. This build's best friends are Atlases/Atlai, Banshees and anything big and brawly (that's a word now).

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