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MechWarrior: Online - Clan Mech Variants Revealed!

Well guess what? Once again I'm late to the party! But meh; I've been busy with life, since I unfortunately have one ;)

Regardless, the Clan Mech Variants have been revealed and they're not what you'd expect. However you can expect a "what you see is what you get" in terms of hardpoints.

Check it out right meow!

Kit Fox (Uller)
  • Prime - Not bothering to note the details. You can find them at
  • D - The Kit Fox D is configured for indirect fire support, mounting dual LRM-15 racks as well as a LRM-5. A Narc Missile Beacon is also carried, which may be exploited by the Kit Fox D itself, as the targeting systems of Clan LRMs lack a minimum range; this literally allows the Kit Fox D to run up to an enemy and mark them for increased accuracy, and then fall back, firing the entire time.
  • S - The Kit Fox S is intended for urban combat situations, and mounts six Jump Jets for increased flexibility. A Large Pulse Laser provides the Kit Fox S with its primary source of firepower. A Medium Pulse Laser and a Small Pulse Laser complement this, with a Streak SRM-4 for additional firepower. For point defense versus infantry, the Kit Fox S also mounts dual Machine Guns.

Adder (Puma)
  • Prime - Not bothering to note the details. You can find them at
  • A - A long range missile support configuration, the Adder A has a pair of LRM-20 launchers, allowing it to bombard an enemy from long range. For close combat, the 'Mech has two Small Pulse Lasers.
  • D - Another long range sniper configuration, the Adder D has an ER Large Laser and an Ultra Autocannon/5 for long range engagements, with a pair of Streak SRM-2 launchers to finish off any enemies who close with the 'Mech.

Nova (Black Hawk)
  • Prime - Not bothering to note the details. You can find them at
  • B - Also designed around long range combat, the B configuration carries an Ultra Autocannon/5 which can fire twice as fast as a standard autocannon and a highly accurate Large Pulse Laser as its primary weapons. These are backed up for close combat by an ER Small Laser and, for soft targets, it has two Machine Guns.
  • S - The S configuration is made for urban combat. The 'Mech has six highly accurate Medium Pulse Lasers. For use against soft targets, the Nova S has four Machine Guns. For added protection from missile attacks, the 'Mech has an Anti-Missile System. It also carries an Active Probe to detect any hidden enemy units.
Stormcrow (Ryoken)
  • Prime - Not bothering to note the details. You can find them at
  • C - The Stormcrow C is armed with some of the most accurate weapons available to the clans. For long range combat, the 'Mech has an LB-X Autocannon/10 that can fire both standard and cluster ammunition. The C configuration also carries a Large Pulse Laser and two Medium Pulse Lasers for short to medium ranges.
  • D - A long range support configuration, the Stormcrow D has, as its primary weapons, a pair of LRM-20 launchers. These are backed up by two SRM-2 launchers for close combat. All of these weapons are augmented with an Narc Missile Beacon, which can mark enemy units with a missile homing beacon for increased accuracy.

Summoner (Thor)
  • Prime - Not bothering to note the details. You can find them at
  • B - A missile bombardment configuration, the B configuration carries a pair of LRM-20 launchers for long range engagements. For close combat, the Summoner B has two SRM-4 launchers. A Narc Missile Beacon allows the Summoner to designate targets for missile fire from other friendly units. The Summoner B has further protection through the use of an Anti-Missile System which gives it increased protection from missile attacks.
  • D - A multi-role configuration of the Summoner, the D configuration is armed with a pair of ER Large Lasers for long range combat. These are backed up by a pair of ER Medium Lasers for short range combat. All of these lasers are linked to an advanced Targeting Computer making the 'Mech highly accurate. For anti-infantry combat, the 'Mech has a pair of Machine Guns. A pair of Anti-Missile Systems give the 'Mech protection from missile carrying 'Mechs and vehicles.

Timber Wolf (Mad Cat)
  • Prime - Not bothering to note the details. You can find them at
  • C - A long range configuration of the Timber Wolf, the C configuration carries an assortment of long range weapons. For direct fire capabilities, the Timber Wolf C mounts two ER Large Lasers and an Ultra Autocannon/5. For indirect fire support capability, its two LRM-15 launchers provide an ample quantity of firepower. Finally, for close range protection, the C carries an ER Medium Laser and an Anti-Missile System.
  • S - A highly maneuverable urban combat configuration of the Timber Wolf, the S mounts five jump jets, allowing it to jump up to one hundred and fifty meters. To offset the inaccuracy from using jump jets, the S configuration is armed with a Large Pulse Laser backed up by two Medium Pulse Lasers. The S configuration also carries four SRM-6 launchers and two Machine Guns, making it a deadly close combat fighter.

Warhawk (Masakari)
  • Prime - Not bothering to note the details. You can find them at
  • A - Configured for a more all around combat role, the Warhawk A had two ER Large Lasers for long range combat. These were supported by an LB 10-X Autocannon that could fire both solid and cluster ammunition and an LRM-15 launcher capable of providing long range missile fire support. For close combat, the 'Mech mounted a highly accurate Streak SRM-6 launcher.
  • B - The B configuration of the Warhawk was a generalist rather than focused variant. For long range combat, the 'Mech carried a Gauss Rifle which could do a great deal of damage at long range. For close combat, the 'Mech had three ER Medium Lasers and a single ER Small Laser as well as two SRM-6 launchers. Finally, the 'Mech also carried a Narc Missile Beacon launcher which was capable of tagging a 'Mech with a beacon that can be used by friendly units for more accurate missile fire on the designated target.

Dire Wolf (Daishi)
  • Prime - Not bothering to note the details. You can find them at
  • A - The A configuration of the Dire Wolf is configured to engage its enemies at a variety of ranges. The primary long range weapon carried in this configuration is a Gauss Rifle. This is backed up by three impressive Large Pulse Lasers which are effective at any range. For close combat, the A configuration carries two Streak SRM-6 launchers and for additional defense against incoming missiles it carries an Anti-Missile System.
  • B - The B configuration is armed for long range engagements with four Ultra Autocannon/2s which have a reach of 810 meters and are backed up by a pair of ER PPCs for even greater punch. An LB-X Autocannon/10 provides excellent medium to long range firepower and allows the Dire Wolf B to act in a variety of roles including vehicle hunting and anti-aircraft. For close combat, the B configuration has two Medium Pulse Lasers and an ER Small Laser.

Note: All Variants information has been taken from

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