Monday, 14 January 2013

Heresy-Era Imperial Fists (Nuncio-Vox Conversion)

After not painting for approximately 2 years or more, I haven't done too bad a job. Unfortunately I'm still learning how to take photos of my miniatures. I've been taught by one of the White Dwarf Editors (least I think he was, he mentioned something about taking photos for White Dwarf) on how to take photos (this was at Games Day Australia 2012). But it still requires practice. Specifically how far I need to zoom the camera and the distance from the models. Once I finally get a hang of things, a tutorial might be in order. I only do this as a hobby, so it'll be a tutorial for those with a budget.

Anyway, enough about how to take photos, I reckon more photos are in order. Oh and I still need to add the Imperial Fists symbol on them.

I chose to paint the model in a "dirty" yellow rather than the usual bright yellow. Once I put the symbol on, I can try out some weathering powders. That should complement the "dirty" yellow look. Still, it feels good yet wonky to hold a brush again. Haven't held one till I started painting these guys.

But you know, I'm quite proud of my painting, but I think I do a much better job of painting white or grey than I do any other colour. Must be a sign, I should forget collecting the Sons of Horus and collect some Heresy-Era World Eaters and/or Heresy-Era Space Wolves.

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