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Space Marine Legion Tactics - Legion Tactical Squad

Every army, regardless of who they are, always require a strong and solid core. This 'core' will almost always form the backbone of which the rest of the army revolves around. This can be a strong formation of tanks or a battalion of soldiers. In the terms of a tabletop commander, this core is your Troops choice.

For a Space Marine Legion Army List, you have many different Troops choices. The first of which (and by far the best IMHO) is the Legion Tactical Squad.They literally will form the backbone of your army (unless you use Rites of War: Pride of the Legion, though more on that at a later date).

The Legion Tactical Squad lacks the And They Shall Know No Fear special rule, so ironically for Space Marines who have no fear, can be affected by fear. However they do have the Legiones Astartes Special Rule, which allows them to regroup regardless of casualties (so you shouldn't have to worry about them running away... too much). In addition they have a fancy rule, Fury of the Legion. This allows them to forgo moving to fire their Bolters twice. Really handy just before your opponent attempts an Assault.

Anyway, less on rules and more onto actual tactics.

The Legion Tactical Squad, theoretically should be able to handle anything. Which is partly true. They do well in assault (assuming you've armed them with additional Chainsword/Combat Blade) and they can easily hold an objective. They're also quite powerful as a dedicated anti-troop solution. Actually, that's all they can do. They lack the ability to take a Special Weapon or a Heavy Weapon (Sergeant with a Combi-Weapon doesn't count). This means that the Legion Tactical Squad MUST be supported by other units.

However, quite literally, they can be extremely difficult to shift from an objective, especially when they number 20, armed with a Legion Vexilla and accompanied by an Apothecary.

The Legion Tactical Squad should almost always number approximately 20, the extra Space Marines cost only 10 Points!!! For any Space Marine players, this is EXTREMELY cheap.

Exchange Bolter for Chainsword/Combat Blade - Personally I would prefer the Additional Weapon, it gives the squad more versatility.
Additional Chainsword/Combat Blade - This is probably the best buy for the unit. It gives them an additional Attack in Close Combat and still allows them to shoot with their Bolters. Think Grey Hunters/Chaos Space Marines).
Nuncio-Vox - Quite useful if you have a host of Barrage type weapons or perhaps Deep Striking units.
Legion Vexilla - It allows you to re-roll failed Morale Tests, so it's extremely useful to stop your squads from running in Close Combat. Or running in general.

Melta Bombs - Since these can be used in Close Combat now, they can prove to be extremely useful if the Sergeant doesn't have a Power Fist.
Artificer Armour - With the new Challengers, this might actually prove to be a really good choice.
Exchanging Bolter:
Combi-Weapon - Since you can only have one replacement for the Bolter, this IMO is quite a shit choice, unless you plan to shoot, then it ain't too bad. Combi-Plasma or even a Combi-Flamer used on Overwatch might be good.
Plasma Pistol - Yeah... No. Too expensive!!
Heavy Chainsword -
Power Weapon - With 3 different Power Weapons to choose from, this is probably the best Option. Though admittedly the only worthwhile Power Weapon would be the Power Sword. If you want the Axe, you might as well take the Power Fist instead. Power Maul is nice, but I've never used it, so can't really comment on it.
Power Fist - If you take this, you don't need Melta Bombs. Coupled with Artificer Armour, you can prove to be quite deadly in Challenges.
Single Lightning Claw - I've always believed Lightning Claws should be taken as a Pair or with a Storm Shield perhaps (unless you're in Terminator Armour). So personally, I say no to this option.

Suggested Option 1: 325 Points (Apothecary not Counted)
20 Legion Space Marines with Additional Chainsword/Combat Blade and Legion Vexilla. Sergeant has Artificer Armour, a Power Sword and Melta Bombs.
Apothecary Attachment (More on this at a Later Date)

The Apothecary and Legion Vexilla makes the squad quite survivable and hard to shift. They lack any form of Anti-Tank and so other "specialist" squads should be used for anti-tank purposes. However 2 squads of these can really form a strong backbone for your army. Take a Nuncio-Vox if you have Barrage type weapons or have Deep Striking Units.

Footslog your way towards the enemy or an objective. Simple and idiotic, but the squad can be really damned hard to shift.

Suggested Option 2: 313 Points (Apothecary not Counted)
19 Legion Space Marines with Additional Chainsword/Combat Blade and Legion Vexilla. Sergeant has Artificer Armour, a Power Sword and Melta Bombs.
Apothecary Attachment (More on this at a Later Date)

My personal favourite. I prefer to see a squad of 20 (including the Apothecary). However there is almost no difference between this and the previous option; besides the fact that if you use the Rites of War: Angel's Wrath, you can easily mount the whole squad in a Storm Eagle Gunship, which isn't quite a bad idea...

Again, take a Nuncio-Vox only if you have Barrage type weapons or have Deep Striking Units.

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