Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Space Marine Nuncio-Vox Conversion

This Basilisk has been sitting on my shelf for like 2 years...
Whilst I'm still waiting on my order of Glass Micro Beads to arrive. I figured I should get started on some other units who don't actually need studded shoulder-pads. I remember reading somewhere that the studs on the MK V Heresy Armour were designed to protect against Bolter rounds. I figured the main frontline troops would require these studs, whereas the crew of say a Space Marine Rapier Laser Destroyer or an Artillery unit like a Basilisk would have less studs as they don't see much action whilst supporting the frontline troops.

In the Space Marine Legion Army List, there are some units that can take a Nuncio-Vox. Basically it allows Barrage weapons to draw line of sight from the Space Marine with a Nuncio-Vox (think a Space Marine calling down an artillery strike). I figured to communicate with one of these the crew must also require a Nuncio-Vox.
The Conversion is rather simple, I drew inspiration from Ron Saikowski Nuncio-Vox Conversion (or rather copied/stole... I hope he doesn't mind, I learn a lot from his blog).

I used the bottom end of an Imperial Guard Vox instead of that middle section. That way I can save that middle section for another Nuncio-Vox conversion. One Imperial Guard Vox can make 2 Space Marine Nuncio-Vox(es) - I have no idea what the plural is for Nuncio Vox.

I also used a Toothpick as the antenna with the tip filed til it was round.

Anyway, most Artillery crews come in twos, so heres the Loader/Guard for the Artillery unit.

Anyway, I have no idea where these 2 will go. It's either the Sons of Horus or Imperial Fists. Most likely Imperial Fists since they are the crew of a Basilisk.

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