Friday, 24 May 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Cataphract CTF-4X Build (Updated)

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

Cataphracts have never been my favourite Mechs, hell I actually hate all of them, they're just damn ugly. Give me a Warhammer (aka. Hothammer) any day. But there's only 1 Cataphract I can stand, and that's the CTF-4X.

The Cataphract CTF-4X has many issues which make it simply inferior to the Jagermech. The first of which; is that its torsos are easy to hit. As far as I'm concerned it's as fat as an Awesome. The second issue is that it's arms hang low, you reveal your whole body if you want to "Snipe". The third issue; this Cataphract is just too damn slow.

But stats don't make a Mech, they contribute to it, but the real deal is having fun, and for me, multiple Ballistics and their rhythmic beat is fun.
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
CTF-4X (Build 1) < MechLab Link

The first thing you'd notice here is that it houses the largest Standard Engine this Cataphract can hold. It's also got quad AC2s and enough ammunition to last a whole match. In addition, it has a lone Medium Laser (which might appear to have been added as an afterthought). However, that lone Medium Laser is only there for when you lose your arms or to use on Light Mechs.

Group your weapons as thus: 2 AC2s as your "main" trigger and the other 2 AC2s as your "secondary" trigger. Your 3rd group will be the lone Medium Laser. When you shoot, you can simply fire all AC2s at the same time. You'll produce a helluva lot of heat, but you'll provide enough DAKKA to scare the enemy off or strip their armour.

Another alternative to firing is a little bit more complicated. Fire the first 2 AC2s first, then immediately afterwards, fire the second set of AC2s. Firing like this you'll basically get a constant stream of DAKKA (akin to firing 6 AC2s using a macro).

CTF-4X (Build 2) < MechLab Link

This build here is just for trolling fun. Personally I dislike XL Engines on any Mech besides Dragon and Light Mechs, BUT what you sacrifice in terms of survivability, you make up for the amount of weapons you can bring to bear.

This CTF-4X build utilises the largest XL Engine it can fit, an XL255 Engine. Thanks to this, you can now bring quad AC5s to a battle (along with some secondary Medium Lasers). Again those Medium Lasers are primarily there for when you lose your Arms, however you can really use them at any time you wish, heat isn't a great big concern (unlike Build 1).

With this build, group your weapons as thus: all 4 AC5s as your "main" trigger (make sure Chain Fire is toggled) and the 2 Medium Lasers as your "secondary" trigger. Now simply enjoy the rapid fire "DAKKA, DAKKA" of the AC5s.

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