Thursday, 30 May 2013

MechWarrior: Online HeroMech Reveal - Jagermech Firebrand

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Guess what? Not too long ago (about a day I believe) MechWarrior: Online revealed one of the most awesome revelations ever!! HeroMech Jagermech!! This HeroMech is known as Firebrand. Boy does it look beautiful!! This will be my first ever MC purchase in game.

As you already know I generally don't buy MC ever. However, PGI has finally convinced me it's worth the investment because they've given me exactly what I wanted!! A Rifleman Jagermech that has 1 Ballistic and 1 Energy Hardpoint per arm!! Just AWESOME!!

This is where ([Link]) I stated what I want to see in a HeroMech Jagermech, and PGI has responded!!

Alright let's look at the image ay? What do we see? What will this Firebrand be armed with?

Judging from the image; the Firebrand is armed with twin AC2s and either twin ERPPCs or PPCs on the arms. In addition each torso has a Laser of some sort. Most likely either Medium Lasers or Medium Pulse Lasers. It could also be Small Lasers but I doubt that. I also highly doubt Large Lasers/Large Pulse Lasers would be in those torsos.

By my count, that means;
RA - 1 Ballistic, 1 Energy
LA - 1 Ballistic, 1 Energy
RT - 1 Energy
LT - 1 Energy

But wait, all Jagermechs across the board have exactly 8 Hardpoints in total (JM6-S: 4 Ballistic, 4 Energy || JM6-DD: 6 Ballistic, 2 Energy || JM6-A: 2 Ballistic, 2 Energy, 4 Missile). That means the Firebrand will have either 4 Ballistic and 4 Energy Hardpoints in total (highly improbable) or 2 Ballistic and 6 Energy Hardpoints in total (most probable).

Those 2 extra Energy Hardpoints I suspect it's coming with will; I hope, be in the Arms. However it is just as likely they'll be in the Torso. It'll be really shit if they were though.

Engine wise, I don't see this HeroMech coming with an XL Engine. I suspect it'll come with a Standard 260 like all Jagermechs. Doesn't matter what Engine it comes with though, I'll be switching the Engine out for a Standard 260 anyway.

Upgrades wise, this Mech has no Artemis (obviously), however it might possibly come Stock with Ferro Fibrous (I hope not), Endo-Steel (I hope so, but doubt it) or Double Heatsinks (with the high heat load, most probable, however they could still troll us).

Whatever the Hardpoints, the key features are those Ballistic and Energy Hardpoints in those arms. There is a 99% chance that I will be arming this BattleMech like the iconic Rifleman.

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