Monday, 13 May 2013

What I want to see in a HeroMech Jagermech

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I always say I don't buy MC because I'm poor. But I have to give PGI the thumbs up for making this game. Also a thumbs up for making me somewhat addicted. Addicted enough that I'm willing to buy MC so I can purchase a HeroMech. Would make grinding for the next Mech less painful and annoying.

So what kind of HeroMech would I buy? Well from the title I'd buy a Jagermech. I love Jagermechs. It like my CPLT-Jager Destroyer, but without the major head issues. Well, Jagermechs are somewhat easy to headshot too. But I haven't had a single death by that yet. Least it's not like my Catapult who just walks across the river in River City and get's headshotted at the start of the match!!

Anywho, what would I like to see in a HeroMech Jagermech? Very simple, I want 1 Ballistic and 1 Energy Hardpoint per arm, with maybe 1 Missile Hardpoint per torso. This would allow me to have dual AC5s and dual Large Lasers per arm. Just like the Rifleman!! WHOO!!

Yeah the Rifleman kinda sucks, but it is in the original BattleMech book, and is an iconic Mech in the whole game!! It's Unseen and Reseen though.

Here's the slightly graphical way of seeing this Mech.

RA - 1 Ballistic, 1 Energy
LA - 1 Ballistic, 1 Energy
RT - 1 Missile
LT - 1Missile

It feels like a Jagermech, but quite different too. Besides, a Jagermech is not a Jagermech without at least 1 Ballistic per arm!

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