Friday, 10 May 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Stalker Misery Build (STK-M)

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

So the new toy we get to play with has just been released. I see a lot of cheese Misery builds. By cheese I mean 4 ER PPCs and 1 Gauss builds. These builds are really meager and weak. Any competent pilot can easily kill this build (assuming they get within range). Aim for that left Torso which is so easy to hit :)

But my build, well it's a different "All-Round" build. It can snipe and brawl when needed. It's surprisingly pretty durable!
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
STK-M (Misery) < MechLab Link

Right so this build you see here has 4 Medium Lasers, 1 Large Laser and 1 Gauss Rifle with 3 Tons of Ammo. This build also runs rather cool, but then most things run rather cool when they have around 16 Double Heat Sinks.

The Gauss is there for sniping. Though it can be used in a brawl when necessary!! So don't forget to use it!! The Large Laser is a decent complement for that Gauss. They also share the same Torso retical so they work very well in tandem. Oh and that CASE? Don't skimp on it! CASE stops your Ammo (in this case Gauss Rifle) explosion from heading to your Center Torso. It doesn't stop the explosion from happening. But the damage won't go to your Engine. Gauss Ammo doesn't explode, so you can move it to your Legs. But there really is no harm in sticking it in the Torso. Lose that Gauss Rifle and that Ammo is useless anyway.

The 4 Medium Lasers are there for brawling. They are probably one of the best brawling Lasers currently. If heat is becoming an issue, start chain firing, you can manage that heat better. Make sure you never Overheat!

One can argue this build is basically an upgrade of the Stock standard Misery. It is, but the Stock standard is not half bad. It's only issue is that it's slow and has heat issues. Also that SRM6 seems to have only been "slapped on" as an afterthought. To me, that Missile Hardpoint is very useless and should've been a second Ballistic Hardpoint!


  1. Hey man, just wanna say thanks. Kinda new to MechWarrior, and very confused and intimidated by it all, especially the Mech lab. But, after reading your blog, you got me back into it again. You've made a fan and a better pilot (I like to think) out of me. Looking forward to more posts ^^

    1. NP dude, I'm happy to see I have that affect on others :)

      If you have any queries you need only ask.

  2. 2Erppc, 1 Gauss x4 ammo, 2mpl, 1ml, 1 and x1 ammo, dblhs, 300xl, advanced seismic, 1 9x9 flush

    it rules! Alpha strike pwns