Friday, 19 July 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Highlander Heavy Metal Build (Chromehound)

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

I almost never pilot Assault BattleMechs. Hell I still hate them; can't put up with slow speed!! You'd think the Victor would be a good Assault Mech for me... but damn I suck. Still gotta find my niche in it. So instead of a Victor Build today, we'll get my favourite Heavy Metal build instead!!

I'll forever complain about the speed. As a MechWarrior Pilot, I've found that I'm best in a Heavy BattleMech; taking the role of Suppressor (occasionally Sniper) or Skirmisher. I've never had to lead the charge. But hell, if you charge with a bunch of Atlases... Atlai... whatever... most things go BOOM!

Rather than join the current Meta, I shall continue to deviate from it; and I assure you, this has proven to be super effective!
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
Chromehound < MechLab Link

This build of mine is built for joint "Charges". Atlases... Atlai... lead the charge, the Chromehound (that's what I'm calling this build) follows suit, staying behind yet slightly to the side (so that all/most weapons can still hit something). The Atlases... Atlai... take the brunt of the damage, leaving you with slight damage but not severe. Once you get into your effective range, rip everything apart. Target easy to hit (yet deadly targets), such as enemy Atlases... Atlai...

With a good team, the Chromehound is super effective. Your Mediums and Light Mechs keep anything off your tail, whilst the Heavy do what they do best. However, you must make sure you choose the right moment to charge. One wrong move and you're dead, along with most, if not all your team mates.

Weapon grouping is thus: Gauss Rifle and AC2 in your Primary Weapon group; Medium Lasers as your Secondary; and SRM4s as your Missile/Third Weapon group.

When firing your Primary Weapon group, hold the trigger down, and make sure you have high accuracy. The combination of Gauss and AC2, is designed to give a massive punch, yet deal consistent suppression/DPS. No one, regardless who they are, never like to be hit by something powerful, yet never stop getting hit.

At close quarters let your Medium Lasers and SRMs go to town on anything that your Primary Weapons is aimed at. Most important thing is to watch your Heat. Due to that AC2, you never stop firing, and when you fire both Medium Lasers and SRMs, your Heat will increase rapidly. Best bet here is to just fire your SRMs (whilst still firing your Gauss and AC2).


  1. Interesting build, i never thought to put an AC2 under the gauss. Got a heavy metal when it was on sale so i will give it a go.
    The victors have quickly become my favorite mech. Im not the best at building mechs, but if you are having alittle trouble with the victors, here are my two current builds, they could use some more polish, but they work well for me.

    Dragon Slayer, Xl 320, 2xLLas, 1xGauss, 2xSRM4's
    VTR-9S, STD 320, 1xAC20, 2xMLas, 1xSRM6, 1xSRM4

    I currently have artemis on the 9S, but I'm still not sure if those 2 tons would be better used by upgrading the Medium lasers to pulses or not.

    1. Haha yeah, the combo doesn't seem to be the most practical given the firing rates are drastically different. But for me it does work. It's literally like; throwing one massive punch, whilst throwing multiple fast jabs at your opponent (best analogy I can think of).

      I'll give that 9S build a try (I bought the 9B).