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MechWarrior: Online - Jenner JR7-D(S) Build (In Honour of Sarah)

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I have never piloted Light Mechs ever. They've never had the right mix of firepower, armour or speed I prefer. I'm a Suppressor/Sniper and Skirmisher Pilot; not a Harasser and Scout Pilot.

But I chose to donate to a good cause, and many of the MW:O community agreed that there should be a day where everyone pilots nothing but this Jenner, in honour of Sarah and all those who have passed away or suffered from cancer. Instead of just limiting it to a day, I chose to pilot this Mech for as long as I wanted.

Who knew I'd actually wind up being a pretty decent Light Mech pilot? I couldn't pilot Assault Mechs well, but I can pilot Light Mechs well! I'm now curious; would I be able to pilot Medium Mechs just as well?
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
Anyway, I really love piloting this Jenner, and this is the build I found that works really well for me.

Jenner JR7-D(S) Build < MechLab Link

The fastest Mech I've ever piloted used to be a Centurion with a 260 Engine (moving at about 84kph). I figured that controlling a Mech moving at 138kph was gonna be pretty easy. How wrong was I! I couldn't control this Mech, it was just way too fast (for me)!

But in order for a Light Mech to be effective, it must move at around 120kph minimum. Since I had a spare XL280 why not use that instead? The speed is now 129kph. I can actually control this speed.

Weapons wise, you'll notice I chose to forgo the commonly mounted SSRM 2s. This isn't because of the nerf to Streaks, but because I just suck with them. Instead I chose 2 SRM 4s; because... REASONS!! (said in a Mr. Torque voice).

Most people mount Medium Lasers, but now that the Small Pulse Lasers have been buffed, they are a real serious contender for those reliable Medium Lasers.

Let's compare the 2.
  • Medium Lasers have an optimal range of 270m and a max range of 540m. They do 5 damage for 4 Heat; cooldown is 4 seconds (DPS of 1.25).
  • Small Pulse Lasers have an optimal range of 90m and a max range of 180m. They do 3.4 damage for 2.4 Heat; cooldown is 2.75 seconds (DPS of 1.24).

What I have noticed is that I generally fight at around the 180m mark or under. In addition I have the speed to easily close the distance to bring all my weapons to bear. They also shoot pretty darn fast! With this in mind, I actually find Small Pulse Lasers to be a very good alternative to Medium Lasers (for fast Mechs only).

This is an example of what you could achieve as a Light Mech or Jenner pilot. This is a screenshot Summary of my first day piloting a Light Mech.

28/07/2013 (AEST)

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