Friday, 26 July 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Locust LCT-1V Build Idea 1

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I really, really can't wait for the Phoenix BattleMechs to arrive. I've got so many ideas I want to try. Hopefully not all will turn out terrible!! Locust will be the first up, just because of that image up there (I'm still waiting for the other 3)!

Anyway, I can see some major issues with the Locust, especially when compared to the other Light Mechs we have. The armaments of the Locust just can't compare with the other Light Mechs, and with it's lack of armour compared to the rest of them, a simple breeze would cause the Locust to keel over!!

The only strengths I can see with the Locust is that it should be the tiniest BattleMech we have!! If the devs are smart they'll make the Locust about half the size of the Commando. That'll make the Locust extremely hard to hit, which will compensate for the lack of armour. 

The next strength of the Locust would be it's speed. It only needs a 170 Engine to move at max speed. However the speed cap is 152kph which nearly all Light Mechs can reach. I'm really hoping they somehow allow the Locust to move way past that!! It'll be so awesome to see a 200kph Locust zipping around the battlefield, no one will be able to hit you!!
Project Phoenix is a go! The Unseen are back! After all these years, they are back! Back with a vengeance! Welcome to the battlefield; Locust, Shadow Hawk, Thunderbolt and Battlemaster!
A lot of people are speculating what other Locust variants we'll see. My money is on the Locust LCT-1E and Locust LCT-1S.

The LCT-1E is the Energy Boat Locust (armed with 2 Medium Lasers and 2 Small Lasers). One of the devs mentioned something about wanting to see a pure Energy Locust. Also the LCT-1E is mentioned in the original TRO (Technical Readout 3025).

The LCT-1S is the Missile version of the Locust (armed with 1 Medium Laser and 2 SRM 2s). This is also mentioned in the original TRO and is considered one of the more common Locust Variants.

This would make each of the 3 Locust Variants (we could get more considering the Locust is the most produced and common BattleMech) unique and very different.

Onto the builds!!

Large Pulse Lasers are now pretty crappy weapons. They used to be quite decent, but not many people used, now they just got a major heat increase with little damage increase making them completely pointless. But the devs did say that the weapon is now under (re)review and they want to make it more useful for brawling than PPCs; so hopefully it'll be good once again by the time the Locust is released!

Not much to say about this build other than it takes advantage of the max Engine.

This build was built with the idea of interchangeability in mind. Remove the Large Pulse Laser for 4 Machine Guns and a Medium Pulse Laser. I reckon 3 Tons of Machine Gun Ammo is way too much, but 2 Tons for 4 Machine Guns is perfect.


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  2. Hi there Sgt-Thaddeus! I recently discovered your blog and I wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying your posts :)

    I heard directly from a developer today via the NGNG podcast that speeds of 200kph are not possible due to the CryEngine 3. In beta apparently there were some Commandos that could move that fast (I was not there so I don't know), but it caused a massive latency issue.

    I think I might be most excited about the Locust, and I'd love to zip around at the speed of light, but I'm sad to say it will probably never happen :(

    Keep up the awesome MWO posts!

    1. Hey mate, really appreciate it! Cheers!!

      So that explains why the speed cap is 152kph. Curses!! Here I was just getting addicted to the speed of the Jenner haha.

      I was in closed Beta, but missed about a month or 2 worth of content. I probably missed the 200kph Commandos.