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MechWarrior: Online - Sarah's Jenner

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Sarah's Jenner... The Jenner of a young MechWarrior who lost her life to cancer. This special Jenner, is a Mech that PGI has dedicated to this young warrior. My deepest condolences to her loved ones.

Simply put, I hate cancer. I understand the need for diseases and such, to keep the population in check, however they always take the lives of innocents and those who are good. I can understand the pain cancer can cause. I've seen it for myself. My old high school teacher recently died of cancer. She only recently became a mother.

I also know the feeling of having lost someone. But to different circumstances; but the pain is the same.
"In May 2013, we were overwhelmed with support for Sarah Parries, one of our youngest MechWarriors who tragically lost her life to cancer in Vancouver, Canada. We would like to reiterate our deepest condolences for Sarah's loved ones, who have expressed their sincerest appreciation for the incredible outpour of sympathy from the MechWarrior Online Community.

We are delighted to have been petitioned by our fans to take this as an opportunity to honor our fallen comrade and to raise donations for the Canadian Cancer Society through the sale of a unique version of Sarah's favourite Mech.

Purchase this special Mech for $10 USD and we will donate the proceeds raised to cancer research in memory of Sarah and MechWarriors affected by cancer worldwide. Full details can be found here."

- PGI's message from
Regardless whether you're a Light Mech pilot or not, I reckon you should make this donation. No it's not a purchase, it's a true donation. All funds are going straight to the Canadian Cancer Society. Hell it doesn't really matter if you'll never pilot the Mech, the whole purpose is to simply donate money.

It also doesn't matter if this isn't the Cancer Foundation/Society/Whatever in your home country, you should still donate. Every little bit helps the world find a cure for cancer; regardless where you're at.

So whatever kind of warrior/pilot you are, donate to this good cause. Together, slowly but surely we can rid the world of cancer and the pain of losing someone to circumstances you can't control.

Sarah's Jenner and where you can donate:

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