Wednesday, 18 September 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Official Release and Thoughts

MechWarrior: Online has officially been released today! Well technically the 17th of September, but for me, it's the 18th!

Unfortunately, this is one super underwhelming release. I understand not everything can be released at this time... but it's still not a full game whatsoever. U.I. 2.0 hasn't been released yet, Community Warfare isn't released yet either. How can MW:O be released when the major functionality haven't been completed or implemented?

There's no "Launch" party either. Or at least, a proper Launch party for the fans. I'm not entitled to anything mind you, but I was expecting something super AWESOME!! Like massive sales for 24 Hours only! That would at least hide the fact their releasing a game that isn't remotely near completed.

I love MW:O, but choose neither side when it comes down the decisions of the game (I refuse to attack PGI or defend them). But the Metacritic reviews... bloody hell mate; all the reviews there are simply reviews of the developer, not the game itself. Quit f***ing attacking the developer and deliberately bombing the results in your petty revenge! It's childish. So what if you lose money to them. Least you're capable of earning it again!!

If you're going to write a review of a game, WRITE A REVIEW OF THE GAME!!

What does the game look like graphically? How is the gameplay? etc. Is what you should be asking yourself when judging a game. Not "PGI have broken every promise and lied to us blah, blah, blah; whine, whine, whine... how can I take my revenge on them?"

Patch (September 17th, 2013)
Well... good news is that the Trial Mechs for new players is somewhat useable. Least they're way better than using the dreadful stock standard Mechs. Maybe now new players will actually cope better now.

Bad news, this patch has given us 1 more useless and pointless weapon. I fully understand UAC/5s were in need of a nerf; but this is bordering ridiculous!!! UAC/5s now have the same cooldown as AC/5s, however they have the ability to "double tap" but have a 20% chance of jamming. They weigh 1 more Ton than an AC/5 and have less Ammo per Ton.

I cannot fathom why you would take a UAC/5 over an AC/5. If they share the same cooldown, you're better off with AC/5 as you save 1 extra Ton and have more shots too! They both deal the same damage as well!!

If they wanted to nerf UAC/5s but still made it a viable weapon, they should just change the whole mechanics (or increase the Heat). As my mate suggested, maybe make it a burst fire style weapon.

MW:O may be based off a Table Top (TT) game, but Rate of Fire (RoF) really screw with the rules and weapons. ERPPCs generates way too much heat for their RoF. It might match TT rules, but for a FPS/Simulator, that Heat just ain't gonna cut it. Same applies to PPCs.

Useless Weapons as of September 17th, 2013
  • PPC
  • UAC/5


PS. PGI, please stop implementing stupid Mechanics like Ghost Heat. AC/2s were clearly the most OP weapon as they had high Alpha Damage with super low Heat (/sarcasm).
In Case 2:
The user fires 3 AC's in the same weapon group without chain fire. The shots are fired in .52 second intervals and three at a time. No heat penalty occurs.

In Case 4:
The user fires 3 AC2's in separate groups and in succession all without chain fire. The shots fire .1 seconds after one another and leave a .32 second interval between "volleys."

Heat Penalty (And why this is happening):
Case 3 - The user has generated 72 heat (ignoring dissipation) within 2.7 seconds and fired 12 shots - Heat penalty
Case 4 - The user has generated 72 heat (ignoring dissipation) within 1.76 seconds and fired 12 shots - Heat penalty

The system is working as intended.

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