Saturday, 28 September 2013

New Roles and a New Life

Image courtesy of Advent Cafe

It is my sincere honour to announce that my Freelancing days are now over. I am now an official member of the wonderful Advent Cafe! What I plan to be doing is delivering news/rumours on anything game, movie and series related. In addition, if they allow me, I might hack into their Youtube channel and start posting my MechWarrior: Online games there.
Consisting of Scarlet, Kuricino, Nekochii, AutumnRush and Sgt. (Varro) Thaddeus, Advent Cafe is a group of rough and ready friends from Australia!
- Advent Cage (About)
Check out our Facebook page [Here] and remember to like to support us! We also have a store [Here].

In addition I am also a member of MechWarrior Mercenary Corps A.C.E.S. The very same Merc. Corps that the NGNG crew are part of.

Image courtesy of A.C.E.S.
Armored Combat Escalation Service, better known by our acronym A.C.E.S, is a mercenary company which focuses mainly on the game MechWarrior Online, but we also play MechWarrior: Living Legends and plan on playing MechWarrior: Tactics.

A.C.E.S mercenary company is built around a community focusing on having fun while playing competitive MechWarrior and we are always looking for players who share the same mindset of having fun, begin friendly, playing as a team, and able to complete objectives given to them in a competitive and also non-competitive setting.

A.C.E.S was founded in 2011 with the announcement of MechWarrior: Online by Colonel Phil “Sean Lang” and currently operated by Captain Brandon “Cattra Kell” and Captain “Adam ODochartaigh.”  This does not make us a new group though and many of our officers have been playing together in various video games for a long time but do not let this discourage you though; we are very open to everyone interested in joining the A.C.E.S deck of cards.

- A.C.E.S. (Welcome Message)
If you ever want to join me in a game, or just pop in to say "Hai!" come join NGNG's TeamSpeak, or check out the A.C.E.S. website [Here].


  1. Congrats on the new group! I was quite shy about joining one, but when I did, it made my experience multiple times better. I might just take you up on the team speak offer.

    Keep up the quality blogging!