Thursday, 23 October 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Join the Resistance!

Join the Resistance! MechWarriors of the Inner Sphere... Join the Resistance! This alien force invaded our beloved home and we must fight back! It's time to defend our homes! We need you to do your part!

Would you like to know more?
And you can do so with this new MWO package! It comes with a Panther, Enforcer, Grasshopper and Zeus!! All of which can be found in the original TRO3025!! What a perfect pick for this package! And it's extremely affordable! At a nice cost of $80 USD you can practically pick up all 12 Mechs!

Check it out right meow!

Truth be told, the only ones that are remotely good (IMHO) are the Enforcer, Zeus and Grasshopper. Tho I truly reckon the Enforcer and Zeus are the best of the lot, if just in appearance.

The Zeus looks absolutely fantastic! And I'm glad it still looks like the one in the TRO3025. It even has those barrel shoulders! Perfecto! Not only that, the arms themselves has that very unique look that only a Zeus has! I love it! Tho it does feel like some parts has been recycled. For example, look at the crotch (yeah ok, I just said that alright? - Varro) and head; they look oddly familiar don't they? If they do, then look no further than the Master of Battles, the Battlemaster! Truth, I don't mind. It looks good on this Mech too!!

Another thing to note, look at the concept art? Notice the "Assault Recon" and the "Steiner" symbol? Yup Steiner Scout Lance away!!

And just check out the variants we get!! I can see a lot of people forgoing that Missile Hardpoint on the arm except on the ZEU-6T! I mean, 1 Missile Hardpoint seems hardly useful. Least for me, I'll be taking advantage of multiple Large Lasers and maybe a Gauss Rifle!

The Enforcer looks simply badass! I just can't describe its looks. Just see for yourself; then check out the variants we get! Two variants have fantastic speed, coming in with an XL250!  The other one, unfortunately can't go any higher than a 260 Engine... But at least it has soooo many Energy Hardpoints, I can see a lot of people forgoing that Ballistic for some Energy-centric builds!

I'd talk more about the other 2 Mechs in the package; but none sparks me like these 2 I mentioned.

Go check out the Resistance Package right meow!!

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