Friday, 3 October 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Pre-Release Hellbringer (Loki) Build Ideas

Well this is basically part 2 to my Hellbringer (Loki) Pre-Release build ideas! You can tell I'm obsessed when I can concoct builds prior to them being released anywhere! Nothing beats the old school "Pen and Paper!".

I'm not really utilising all the coo little OmniPoints of the Loki; such as the Head Energy Hardpoint; but that's because of the heat management. Each of these builds I reckon will run pretty darn hot! Especially if you arm say a Timber Wolf or Stormcrow or some other Clan Mechs with the same weapons, it'll at best have a 36% Cooling Efficiency - AND that's before we take into account quirks!!

Build 1

Alternate Build 1

Alternate Build 2

You can check out how I calculated all this in the previous Pre-Release Build Ideas post.

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