Wednesday, 22 October 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Stormcrow SCR-C (Any OmniVariant) Build

Well thanks to that really useful event last weekend; Stormcrows are now on sale for both MC and CBills! Ironically; the amount of haters for this event makes... I cannot think of a good analogy. Oh I know! Makes even Shirou feel loved!

Seriously; why hate on such a good event? Take advantage of it! Take advantage of anything that comes free or things that come with a discount! We're not all rich bastards you know! Like I said; I shall be exploiting this discount! I picked up all 3 Stormcrows!

Now the thing with a Stormcrow; is that it's a Medium Mech! It has extremely good speed; pretty good Firepower and is very versatile. Easily the best Clan Medium Mech in the game so far.

SCR-C "Dynames" (1x CGauss & 4x CERML)

Smurfy MechLab: [Link]

Role: Support
Speed: 97.2 kph
Firepower: 43
Armour: 364
Cost: 12.4 mil

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: Clan Gauss
Secondary Weapon Group: All 4 C-ER Medium Lasers
Tertiary Weapon Group:
All 4 C-ER Medium Lasers (Chain Fire)

Clan Gauss with a boat load of C-ER Medium Lasers (or alternatively C-ER Large Lasers) are one of my favourite weapon combos. A Gauss produces practically no heat; which makes it a perfect match for heat heavy weapons.

Remember the old Inner Sphere Gauss and Large Laser combo? That's basically what this build is; but in the Clan version!

Now match that weapon combo with fantastic speed!! A Stormcrow can reach speeds of over 100 kph!! Hit and Run/Sniping and repositioning are all possible. For a Medium Mech; a Stormcrow can be considered OP.

So how do you combat something like this? Well it's a Medium Mech; and shares all the same flaws as any other Medium Mech. And in terms of Hitboxes; it's legs are fairly easy to hit; and vulnerable!

Here's a thing about that -10% Armour of the Head OmniPoint; it only applies to the head.

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