Friday, 2 August 2013

100th Post Special!!

"Celebrate good times, come on!"

Well no parties but hey, internetz party!! There's only 1 way we can party and that's with a good ol' game of MechWarrior: Online!! Grab your friends and blow 'em up!

As you can clearly see by the title, my blog has reached its 100th Post. Admittedly some of the posts early last year are practically pointless; but they still count as a post.

Over this year and a half there have been massive changes and overhauls of my Blog here and there; and finally my Blog has reached a point where I am satisfied with how it is. I have a wonderful audience who show there support! What more could I ask for eh?

So as my gift, I've decided to join the YouTube community. I'll be recording "Let's Plays" of any awesome game I feel like recording - specifically MechWarrior: Online. After all, I can Talk the Talk; but can I Walk the Walk? Aren't you interested in seeing how I play my non-meta compliant builds?

Least this is the way I've decided to demonstrate how powerful my builds can be. I can write about how they can be used, but as with every writing, sometimes it can be hard to portray actions in words!

Just so you know; my YouTube channel will not impact my Blog whatsoever. It is merely a complement to my Blog.

Now we're down to my one issue. I don't have a name for my YouTube channel. This is where you come in. I'd like you to name it!

I've thought of names like "The Sgt-Thaddeus Show" but that doesn't seem to roll off the tongue well. Maybe "Sgt-Thaddeus' TV Show"?

Anyway, if you have a good name for my YouTube channel, leave it in the comments below! I'll select my favourites and depending on how many, will have you vote on your favourite! I only have one requirement: my name must be somewhere in it (i.e. Sgt-Thaddeus).

Queue the names... NOW!


  1. Awesome, a Thaddeus channel would be sweet!
    Congratulation on the 100th post also, good work.
    On the naming front, i have been furiously trying to work a pun into it, but nothing decent has come to mind yet. I will keep at it though ^^

    Keep up good work man!

    1. Cheers man! It's comments like these that keep me motivated!

      Haha, even my friends have difficulty coming up with a good name. I look forward to the names concocted!

      It'll be a tad while before I officially set it up however. But I'll make sure to have it set up before the year ends!

  2. Still haven't managed to come up with even a half decent pun, but that wont stop me yet!

    Thought Sgt-Thaddeus' Mechbay had a nice ring, but i'm not sure if it will be too restrictive, as you do other things as well as MWO.

    PS, i thought just Sgt-Thaddeus' Hobby Den itself doesn't sound too bad

    Will keep working on more