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MechWarrior: Online - Centurion Yen-Lo-Wang, Worth It?

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The Centurion Yen-Lo-Wang is once again on sale! As of this post, there's only a few hours left of this sale. So the question on everyone's lips is; is the Yen-Lo-Wang worth the buy?

I shall be answering that very important question as well as showing off the build I use (which is basically the common build normally used).
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
So let's examine the Mech and compare it to the other Centurions.

The Yen-Lo-Wang comes with only 4 Hardpoints in total; that's 2 less than all the other Centurions. It has the normal 2 Energy Hardpoints like all Centurions, and has 2 Ballistic Hardpoints in the Right Arm.

It comes stock with a Standard 215 and has a max engine rating of 300; making it the 2nd fastest Centurion (the CN9-D takes the award for being the fastest).

At a quick glance, the Yen-Lo-Wang is most similar to the CN9-D. They both come with the exact same Hardpoints, but the Yen-Lo-Wang is lacking the 2 Missile Hardpoints.

So what exactly makes this HeroMech remotely worthwhile, when all the other Centurions can theoretically hit harder, have more Hardpoints and more versatility?

It's the only Centurion and one of the few Medium BattleMechs that can make effective use of an AC/20 whilst still using a Standard Engine. In addition it has a very nice speed for getting behind enemy Mechs.

But there are other Medium Mechs that can use an AC/20, some of which can have 3 Medium Lasers and/or have Jump Jets! We're now looking at the Blackjack BJ-1, the Hunchback HBK-4G and the Hunchback HBK-4H (can do the exact same build as HBK-4G as well).

The Hunchback is basically the first Medium Mech to be able to use an AC/20. Due to that, many people have a love for it, regardless of how much that hunch actually hinders them. They also have, to some degree "Zombie" capability (Head Energy Hardpoint). However the Hunchback is much easier to hit and kill than a Centurion. Centurions have always had that extra survivability due to the Mech having much more favourable hitboxes. Just a note, for both Mechs, the AC/20 is easily still easily destroyed.

One can also argue that the Yen-Lo-Wang has a better angle of attack with that AC/20. It can easily shoot up and down hills with that AC/20.

The Blackjack BJ-1 however, can also do what the Yen-Lo-Wang can do. The AC/20 can just as easily track Mechs in any vertical angle. In addition it has Jump Jets! The downside however is that it requires an XL Engine to make use of Speed and an AC/20. In addition, the Blackjack cannot match the speed of the Yen-Lo-Wang once it decides to use an XL300.

So after all this pointless text. Is the Yen-Lo-Wang worth it? That's for you to decided based on the notes above. But in my honest opinion, ABSOLUTELY!! But on one condition only... when it's on sale. There's absolutely no remotely valid reason to pay the full price for a Mech that is super specialised and limited in versatility.

But like I said, it's well worth the buy and probably one of the most worthwhile HeroMechs, when on sale. It's also a super fun HeroMech! I bought it the first moment it went on sale this Month!!

These are the 3 Builds I personally use:

Centurion Praetor V.1 < MechLab Link

Centurion Praetor V.2 < MechLab Link

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