Tuesday, 27 August 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Jagermech Firebrand Build

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

I've recently been playing around with "non-conventional" weapons. By "non-conventional" I mean weapons that people generally view as pretty terrible. Actually... they're known to be pretty crap weapons.

But didn't you know, "they're crap until you get killed by it!"

Jagermechs are known to have massive Side Torsos, meaning running a XL Engine is a hit and miss. But in order to fully utilise the Jagermechs, you have no choice but to go for an XL Engine. I took upon the challenge to come up with a Jagermech (hence Firebrand) build that utilises a Standard Engine, whilst still being effective.
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
I wonder what should I call this build? I guess to sum it up in one word... Boom-shot. Guess that's what I'll call it; the "Boomshot".

Boomshot < MechLab Link

Despite the name, this Jagermech doesn't use an AC/20, but it has the equivalent Firepower of 1 AC/20, but with better range and a faster rate of fire. Many people underestimate the stopping power of AC/10s. Even I used to underestimate them.

I think the reason for this, is that the AC/10 is sort of left out in the Ballistic Weapons Group. It's literally the midfield between the large and powerful Ballistics and the small and weak Ballistics. It's the odd child if you will. Out of the Guass Rifle, AC/20 and AC/10, you'd pick either the Gauss Rifle or AC/20 for more damage. If you want fast rate of fire, you'd pick triple/quadruple UAC/5, AC/5 and AC/2. The AC/10 and LBX-10 are literally left out.

Anyway, AC/10s taken in pairs are extremely powerful. They act like 1 AC/20 but faster and better range. They're also light enough to allow you to use a Standard Engine. That's what this build is good for. It has very good survivability with decent stopping power (seriously, many players have taken off my Side Torso and left, thinking they've killed me). In addition, all weapons are mounted on the Arms. Which is why I chose the Firebrand for this particular build. Scaling cliffs and attacking at any vertical distance? Perfect!

Weapon grouping is as follows; both AC/10s in primary weapon group and both Medium Lasers in secondary weapon group. Simple aim and open up with all weapons, trying to aim at the same spot as much as possible. Remember, the AC/10s fire every 2.5 seconds.

Note: This build can be built on any Jagermech, but I personally prefer the Firebrand.

With good aim and good tactics, this is what you could accomplish with this build. Even on Terra Therma, heat is no issue.

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  1. ac10 s a workhorse, good weapon to have in any game from mw2 to current MWO.