Friday, 9 August 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Highlander HGN-733 Build

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

I might suck at piloting Assault Mechs, but that doesn't mean my builds for them are completely useless!! Hell these builds do work and can rake you up to 800 damage. Least this one did for me. I lost the match though... heh.

Anyway in the hands of a competent Assault Mech Pilot this thing can be deadly. Yes you suffer the Heat Penalty, but it's bearable and not much of a problem.
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
Highlander HGN-733 Build < MechLab Link

This is nothing but a pure Shotgun Mech. All it can do is make everything and anything go BOOM! Unfortunately it is extremely ammunition dependent. But ironically I never seem to run out of ammo.

In terms of ammunition, I've always stood by the idea of 2 Tons of Ammo per Autocannon (3 for Gauss Rifles and AC20s. SRMs are 1 Ton per SRM; unless they're your primary than you do 1 Ton per SRM + 1.

Anyway this build here works really well with other charging Assault Mechs. It lacks any form of range whatsoever. Which is a major weakness. But if you can get the sneak on any Mech; be they Assault or Mediums, you'll make an absolute wreck of them.

The sole Jump Jet is there purely for maneuverability. You can make a 180 rotation when needed. It also allows you to somewhat "Poptart" on Canyon when there's an enemy on the cliff right next to you.

Like I said earlier, this is a Shotgun Mech. You do need to aim somewhat, but accuracy isn't massively required. Even if you miss, you'll still hit something. Artemis IV is required. SRM 6s by themselves have terrible spread. If you're gonna use SRM 6s without Artemis, you're better off with SRM 4s.

Weapon groups is as follows: One group is for the LB 10-X AC; one group for all 4 SRM 6s; the 3rd group is for all 4 SRM 6s on Chain Fire.

The idea is to practically Alpha Strike everything. Yes you do suffer Heat Penalties with those SRM 6s. You can do a maximum of 4 Alpha Strikes in a row; the 4th Alpha Strike will always cause your Mech to shut down. What I like to do is use the LB 10-X AC to cool down, or Chain Fire those SRM 6s.

Note: I designed this Mech before the 12 vs. 12 patch; and utilised it most often then. Tactics for this Mech should still remain the same, or at least remain somewhat similar.


  1. I love shotgun mechs'! My only concern is that with the new 12v12 you may not have enough ammunition to finish a round. Thanks for sharing the build!

    1. I agree with that assessment! However I'm (generally) a terrible Assault Mech pilot and usually wind up dying before I run out of Ammo haha!!

  2. Not a bad build. But, swap the SRM 6's for SRM 4's. Due to a bug in the hit detection of SRM'6s they are doing less damage then SRM 4 due to all the missiles not registering. Also the less tonnage from SRM 4's would allow you to carry a bit more ammo.