Friday, 16 August 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Centurion CN9-D Build (Venator Suppressor)

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

After all this time, I finally pilot Medium BattleMechs. Who would've guessed that I'd be a pretty decent Medium Mech pilot eh? Well I can pilot almost anything really, but I personally prefer Heavy Mechs... and now Medium Mechs.

Unfortunately in the current meta and the way things are, Medium Mechs are slightly useless in comparison to others. I also wish they'd resize all Medium Mechs; seriously, why the hell are they as big as an Atlas when most of them are half its tonnage!! But hey, they'll be getting a buff soon supposedly!!

Anyway; Centurions and Hunchbacks, in my opinion, are the BEST beginner Mechs!! They help teach beginners the fundamentals of Mech piloting and they're probably THE most forgiving when mistakes occur (such as overextending).

However I don't recommend this particular build nor the CN9-D as a beginner Centurion.
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
Venator Suppressor < MechLab Link

Unfortunately this build doesn't make use of all the Hardpoints this Mech comes with. Most CN9-Ds I see, don't even make use of the 2nd Ballistic Hardpoint... which is unfortunate. But if you make use of both Ballistic Hardpoints, it's practically impossible to make use of the Missile Hardpoints too (least I find there's too many issues with doing that).

The Venator Suppressor (that's what I'm gonna call it), comes with an AC5 and AC2. These 2 Autocannons work best when coupled together. They seriously work really well in sync. The 2 Medium Lasers are standard Centurion armament. Coupled with the fantastic speed of the CN9-D; you can easily switch "Sniper/Suppression" positions.

Literally that's all this build is good at, suppression. You can rip apart any Mech besides Light Mechs, then switch positions and find a new target.

The major downside is that XL Engine. You can't take advantage of the Centurion's "Zombie-ness".

Weapon grouping is pretty obvious; AC5 and AC2 as your Primary and the 2 Medium Lasers as Secondary.

Note: This build also works on the Yen-Lo-Wang.

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