Monday, 25 November 2013

Chaos Space Marine - Obliterator Conversion Painted

Guess what? After a long hiatus from Warhammer 40k, I'm back! And I've finally finished painting my favourite Chaos Space Marine Units, the Obliterator.

It's about time too, it's been practically a year since I first converted these guys, but they're practically done! I might need to "dirty" them up a bit by using some weathering powders, but eh; I'm happy with how they are.

Anyway, less talk and MOAR pics!

Obliterators to me, have always been allied with the Dark Mechanicum, the Daemon Forge. I really didn't want to paint them up to be allied with any Chaos God. So I chose "neutral" colours; or at least, I perceive grey as neutral colours.

Now to figure out my next project; maybe some XV88 Broadsides or perhaps Heresy-Era Emperor's Children.

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