Friday, 29 November 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Shadow Hawk SHD-2H(P) Build

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Some people find that the Shadow Hawk SHD-2H(P) to be the weakest of all 3 Shadow Hawk variants. This is primarily due to the 3 Ballistic hardpoints.

Well let me tell you something naysayers, the SHD-2H(P) is far from weak! It's actually extremely powerful, BECAUSE of it's 3 Ballistic hardpoints!

Hell, the SHD-2H(P) is probably my favourite Shadow Hawk variant just because how cool it looks with 3 Ballistic weapons mounted in its Left Torso!
"All warfare is based on deception."
- Sun Tzu
SHD-2H(P) "Organ Gun" (XL280, 3x AC/2, 1x ML & 2x JJ)

Smurfy MechLab: [Link]

Role: Support
Speed: 82.5 kph
Firepower: 11
Armour: 352
Cost: 11.4 mil (Approximately)

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: All 3 AC/2s
Secondary Weapon Group: Medium Laser

This build, is the only build I will ever run on this Shadow Hawk variant. I super love the look of those 3 AC/2s sticking out of my Left Torso. It just looks so awesome! Also triple AC/2s is just super fantastic!! The amount of DAKKA you can throw out, and the DPS is just super deadly!!

The A.C.E.S. crew and I; we practically ran 3 Shadow Hawks each with 3 AC/2s; that's 9 AC/2s between us!! Let's do the Maths: 1 AC/2 does 2 damage, 9 AC/2s would dish out 18 damage. AC/2s fire every 0.5 seconds; so every second we'd deal 36 damage!! That's 36 damage per second for the 3 of us!!

We literally saw an Atlas out in the open standing still, approximately 10 seconds later there was no Atlas.

This build is super deadly, but unfortunately super hot too. We each have approximately 10 seconds before we Overheat. But in 10 seconds, that's enough to super murder anything!

Also, during these games, we had a few people complaining about how OP AC/2s were... Yeah you're a moron mate, AC/2s are not remotely OP; unless you stand still, in the open, like you were.


  1. Good write up man, had no idea people felt that way about the 2H. Its got to be one of my favorite mechs. I got almost much the same build, though i have put a UAC-5 in for some extra punch and less heat.
    Keep up the super swell work, I'm too much of a lazy bones to comment on most posts, but I'm commenting in spirit ^^

    1. Cheers mate, I know you're always here in spirit :P

      Most people compare those 3 Ballistic hardpoints on the SHD-2H to the HBK-4G; in which the SHD as a Medium Mech won't be able to utilise all those ballistics. Which is a fair assessment; and why many people just dunno what to do with this variant.

  2. Ok so I just took done an atlas with this build - on my own 730 damage in my first outing. LOVE IT :)