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MechWarrior: Online - Heavy BattleMech I want Included

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People have been wishing for certain/specific Mechs to be included in the game, the first of which is the much loved Marauder and the Warhammer (ignoring all Medium Mechs as there will be no more Medium Mechs up until Clans come out).

However, those 2 Mechs will never be included unless Harmony Gold can yank that stick that's been shoved right up their *** [Insert Super Harmony Gold Hate].

Right, regaining composure, since neither of those Mechs will be included (I'll eat my words when a miracle happens), I reckon a very good Heavy Mech that should be included is, the Hammerhands.

The Hammerhands is a Mech featured in the 3075 Technical Readout, in which it's the predecessor to the iconic and much loved Warhammer.

The Hammerhands is a 75 Ton Mech (weighing 5 Tons more than a Warhammer), and is armed with 2 AC/10s, 2 Medium Lasers and an SRM 6. It comes with a Standard 225 Engine; granting it a top speed of 54kph.

That being said, I can imagine the Hardpoints to be something like this:
Right Arm: 1 Ballistic, 1 Energy
Left Arm: 1 Ballistic, 1 Energy
Right Torso: 2 Missile
Left Torso: 1 AMS
Right Arm: 2 Ballistic, 1 Energy
Left Arm: 2 Ballistic, 1 Energy
Right Torso: 1 Missile
Left Torso: 1 AMS
I would hope for the 2nd; it wouldn't be able to mount an AC/20, but it can easily mount Quad AC/5s, and we all know how deadly that could be. Would this Mech make the already pretty crap CTF-4X redundant? Absolutely not, this thing would share practically the same speed as the CTF-4X, making them no different, besides aesthetics.

In addition, PGI could do something really sneaky with this Warhammer predecessor. Imagine what the HeroMech could look like... 2 PPCs, 2 Medium Laser, 2 Small Lasers and 2 Machine Guns... Warhammer in Hammerhands skin anyone? Just like the Rifleman in Jagermech (Firebrand) skin.

Which means the Hardpoints could easily be:
Right Arm: 1 Energy
Left Arm: 1 Energy
Right Torso: 2 Energy, 1 Ballistic
Left Torso: 2 Energy, 1 Ballistic, 1 AMS
It'll practically give us a Warhammer whilst avoiding the bullying lawsuits of Harmony Gold! Super brilliant I say!

Hammerhands ( [Link]

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