Monday, 30 June 2014

Animation 'of the Month'

'of the Month' is a segment where I basically spotlight 'Something Awesome'. This will happen on the last day of each month (seems more appropriate to have it at the end than the start).

So what is 'Something Awesome'? Well 'Something Awesome' can range from Artists, Music, Movies, Games and anything else that is worth mentioning! If you know 'Something Awesome' that should be mentioned on my Blog, then just share it in the comments!
'Something Awesome' this month is:

How to Train Your Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon 2, DreamWorks Dragons

If you haven't already seen How to Train Your Dragon 2... I demand recommend that you go watch it ASAP!! DO NOT download it, DO NOT wait for the DVD/BluRay DVD. Go to your local cinema (as of this post, they are still in cinemas) and watch it.

If you have not watched How to Train Your Dragon in general... Shame on you I suggest to you, to immediately go watch it. Then Watch How to Train Your Dragon 2.

See, How to Train Your Dragon is truly a fantastic movie. The amount of adorable-ness and feels is just fantastic!! No spoilers here, just watch it. The amount of feels in HTTYD2 can make even a grown man cry!

Regardless, the HTTYD movies are widely known and heard of by all. However did you know, that there is a HTTYD series?

That's right! There is a HTTYD series! It's called DreamWorks Dragons, and the first 2 seasons are titles "Dragons: Riders of Berk" (Season 1) and "Dragons: Defenders of Berk" (Season 2) It's based shortly after the events of the first movie (and the mini movies).

This series is actually quite "dark" to a certain degree. It targets how Berk is now functioning after the dragons have moved in. Take the 2nd episode for example. Gobber is a blacksmith who forges weapons to kill dragons. However now that they live with dragons, he's out of business. What's he going to do with his life? Imagine you just lost your job! That's what the series is about.

Ok there's much more than just that, but the movie is quite realistic in terms of what it targets.

Additionally, the series shows off some of the unseen dragons that have only been mentioned in the Book of Dragons. We even encounter some new dragons!! Like the Screaming Death, Typhoomerang Scaldron and many more! We even see Stoic's first dragon!!

If you haven't heard of the series, I highly recommend you go watch them right meow!!

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