Monday, 16 June 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Clan Mech Info (Public Test Server 2)

I didn't spend as much time on the second Clan Public Test; but I did spend a few hours messing around. There are several new features as well as bug fixes. The first of which, you might've noticed above; the Polygon pattern now actually works. It's not like it was before, a non-textured mech. All the colours have been included as well!

Thanks to the extra CBills and GXP; I managed to test out a fully mastered Timber Wolf as well as the new module, Radar Deprivation. I also have come to the conclusion of exactly what build I shall be going for, and as usual, I'll make sure to post them up once the Smurfy MechLab has the Clan Mechs implemented!

First thing I'll do, is post up all the colours that we'll be getting on June 17th. I really super dig these colours mind you, specially the orange, navy-blue-ish colour and white!

Invasion Orange

Invasion Green

Invasion Gray

Polygon Gray

Polygon Black

Polygon White

Now one of the primary changes you'll notice, is that each Omnipoint has it's own unique quirks. Some are completely detrimental, while others bring fantastic advantages. However, with the Timber Wolf; the TBR-S is clearly the best one, which also has the most detriments. These detriments are not that noticeable (perhaps on a fully mastered Mech); but they are there, and sometimes they are extremely noticeable and annoying. However these detriments are a very good way to balance the OmniMech!

In addition; I realised this during the Public Test 1; but forgot to mention it - It takes the destruction of 3 Engine Slots to destroy a Mech. This explains how Inner Sphere Mechs are destroyed when only 1 of their side torsos are destroyed. Clan Mechs have only 2 Engine Slots per torso, which means they can still run around missing one side torso. You have to destroy both side torsos before you can fully destroy a Clan Mech. You might think this is OP; but take a look; Clan Mechs can only ever have XL Engines, which makes them extremely fragile. In comparison, Inner Sphere Mechs have the ability to mount a Standard Engine which means, both torsos can be destroyed before you destroy the Mech via the Centre Torso. This gives Clan Mechs an extra bit of survivability.

Clan Mechs are not fully OP; PGI managed to balance them quite well. Kudos to them for getting one thing right hehehe ;)

Now here's what I've noticed with Lower Arm Actuators and Clan Mechs. Now if you mount a Ballistic Weapon or CERPPC in only one of either Arm; the Lower Arm Actuator of that Arm is removed. So let's say I mount a CUAC10 in the Right Arm of the Timber Wolf; the Lower Arm Actuator of the Right Arm is removed. This in turn makes the Arm movement of the Timber Wolf very similar to the Victor.

Now if I mount a CERPPC in both of the Timber Wolf's Arms, both Arm's Lower Arm Actuator are removed. This causes the Timber Wolf to have similar Arm movement like the Yen-Lo-Wang (vertical only). I kinda actually like this. I feel like me Torso moves faster if I have no Lower Arm Actuators (untested).

Here's another thing to note; SRMs are finally fully fixed in this patch!! Only problem, PGI forgot to remove those buffs to them during the (long) period where they were useless. Which basically means, SRM-ageddon until such a buff was reverted back to normal. However SRMs feel good and powerful!!

Once again, I shall end with the builds I plan to use. Once smurfy has Clan Mechs up and running properly, I shall refine these builds.

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