Friday, 27 June 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Timber Wolf, TBR-C (Any OmniVariant) Build

Another week; another build ay? This one's a good one though! Just as good as last week's Splat Wolf!! Well it feels pretty decent anyway. Come to think of it; all my Timber Wolves have CSRM6s... I dunno why too. They are simply fantastic!! Ok, maybe i just answered my own question.

Being more formal however; I'm finding that CSRM6s are really, really good. Hell SRMs in general; whether they are IS or Clan; they are good. Now the question of the day, are they OP? Incidentally, no. Admittedly they do very high Alpha Damage (12 per SRM6). But this damage is spread. If you have 4 lots of SRM6s that's 48 damage Alpha. Again spread and also you're limited to 270m max.

Regardless; here's my TBR-C build; but it can also be transferred to any other Variant.

Check it out right meow!

TBR-C "Yukari" (1x CUAC10, 2x CERML, 4x CSRM6 & 2x JJ)

Smurfy MechLab: [Link]
Role: Striker/Brawler
Speed: 81 kph
Firepower: 76
Armour: 441
Cost: N/A

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: CUAC10 
Secondary Weapon Group: Both C-ER Medium Lasers 
Tertiary Weapon Group: All 4 CSRM6s

Again this build is primarily built around a SRM battery. Rather than be built exactly like my Prime; I wanted something different. The TBR-C comes with a nice little Ballistic Right Arm. So I just had to do something with that; whilst still keeping my lovely SRMs.

The CUAC10 is perfect for this build. The range is pretty good, and it's 10 damage (albeit in a burst fire way). Both the CUAC10 and CERML should be used for range. Try to rely more on the CERML for range. If the enemy is standing still, then use the CUAC10, that or if you're a good shot. Otherwise; you can couple the CUAC10 and the quad SRM6s for very nice damage in a brawl.

Try to use the quad SRM6s at a max range of 200m rather than 270m. That way all the rockets will actually hit your target.

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