Friday, 13 June 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Clan Mech Info (Public Test Server)

Oh my, oh my!! Where to begin!? I've been messing around on the Public Tester Server for Clan Mechs for a good portion of the day! Or nearly the whole day!! And my oh my was it a blast!! Clan Mechs are simply AWESOME ♪

Ok truth be told; all I bought was just the Timber Wolf; and really, the Timber Wolf is really all you need. IMHO from what I've played and seen, the Timber Wolf is most definitely Meta. It has Jump Jets and can (so far) transfer those Jump Jets to any and all other variants!! In addition; it's got a very broad set of Hardpoints so it can mount most weapons in any order. Expect a lot of Min Max.

Now I didn't get to play with any other Clan Mechs; but I was dropping with Shimmering Sword and company. Yes I do know Shimmering Sword and do, on occasions when I catch him; have a few drops. Anyway, we were dropping in and discussing other Clan Mechs. The Dire Wolf is a fantastic Pugging Mech once you Master or at least Speed Tweak the damned slow thing; 48kph to 54 kph is a huge difference! In addition; it is totally possible to mount 6 Clan Ultra AC5s or 6 Clan Ultra AC2s! Alternatively Shimmering mounted a nice Alpha of 60 damage build!!

First thing's first; screenshots of the Timber Wolf Prime, C and S. Stock of course ;)

First thing to note are the Fixed Structure and Armour Slots. These cannot be changed whatsoever. What you see here is what you get; you cannot remove them. That being said, you also cannot remove Ferro-Fibrous, Endo Steel and Double Heat Sinks. Exactly like an OmniMech is supposed to work. You can however; change the Armour values (from say 64 in the Legs to 53 in the Legs). You can also add and remove Artemis at will (it'll cost you each time, but it's not fixed like Endo Steel is).

This works across the board for every Clan Mech. In addition; I can switch out the Omni Points. Any section that has an Omni point can (for the price of CBills) switch that point so something else.

Take my Modified Timber Wolf Prime below.

Notice how my Side Torsos have the Timber Wolf S Side Torsos? I paid around 600,000 CBills to mount those 2 buy that Omni Point and mount them into the torso.

Yes I practically played MechLabWarrior: Online for a good hour or 2. And so here are all the MechLab Screenshots I took

Now did you know, the Clan Mech cockpit is also different? Both the colours and the crosshair are completely different from the Inner Sphere Mechs. Also the weapon colours are also different and the way they fire (Such as CLRMs fire differently from Inner Sphere LRMs).

Here's some pictures of the cockpit.

Now the next set of pictures show off the different coloured lasers. The teal/blue-ish lasers are Clan ER Large Lasers (the colour is shared by Clan Large Pulse Lasers); yellow is for Clan ER Medium Lasers (the colour is shared by Clan Medium Pulse Lasers) and finally (my personal favourite of the 3), pink is for the Clan ER Small Lasers (the colour is shared by Clan Small Pulse Lasers).

In addition; Clan LRMs fire very different and look different too. I much prefer this to the Inner Sphere ones. They get shot down by AMS more... but by god they are fantastic!! See, they fire very similar to the CLRMs in MechWarrior 4. Something like, firing 1 rocket, then 2, then 3 and it all adds up to 15 eventually (or 20 in the picture). It's like a rotating LRM when firing. It looks simply wonderful when you Chan Fire too.

Talking about Chain Firing... it looks like all Clan Tech suffer from major Ghost Heat. I alphaed 4x CLRM15s and instantly reached 90% heat. But by Chain Firing; I practically saw no heat rising.

However this is what I was able to achieve with 4x CLRM15s!! I can't wait for when they don't have any minimum range!!

CSRMs fire like any other SRM; I don't really see any different. However the Clan Streak SRMs do fire differently. Well actually the same as normal SSRMs; however the CSSRM6 fires all 6 SSRMS at the same time; not like how PGI originally had planned in that it would fire 3 salvos of 2. The cooldown however is super long!

Now here's another thing to note; Clan Mechs do get ECM! In the form of the Kit Fox!! The Kit Fox C's Right Arm has no weapons to speak of. However it has ECM mounted there. In addition, it also has 3 AMS. You read that right, 3 AMS all in the Right Arm. It does look funny, but the Kit Fox is a fantastic utitlity support Mech!! Specially with how many LRMs will be coming about on the 17th June, this thing will be needed!!

Anyway; I was trying out as many builds as I could; and so the last several screen shots will be what my Mech looks like and the build!!

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  1. Aww man, I'm so hyped I might just explode. I was too lazy to have a look at the test server myself, so I appreciate the effort you put in. Cheers