Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Animaga & Advent Cafe Appearance

So guess what? Your one and only Varro Thaddeus (me), is heading over to another Con!! In this case it's known as "Animaga". Which is held in Melbourne, Australia at the Royal Exhibition Building at 27-28th September.

What is Animaga exactly? Well it's literally an Anime-Con hosted by a team of Anime lovers!!
Consist of a team of anime lovers, Animaga team is aiming at bringing the world-class anime and manga, hottest games, Japanese fashion and pop culture together by presenting a range of fan-driven interactive conventions in convenient central locations.

This year, the Animaga Expo will be held on September 27th -28th, 2014 in the most classical venue in Melbourne - Royal Exhibition Building. The immediate area surrounding the building offers an excellent setting for cosplay photography, with beautiful gardens and unique architectures which create a dramatic backdrop for professional cosplayers and photographers.

Activities on Animaga Expo include Cosplay Competition, Karaoke, Video Gaming, Table-top Gaming, Drawing Tuition, Mecha Area, Maid Cafe, Concerts and ...more! Other attractions include Exhibitor Zone and Artist Alley, where you will definitely get yourself some swag. Further fancy programmes will be added, do watch out!

Why not just take a break at the weekend and Join the fellow super fans on Animaga Expo?
- Taken from Animaga About Us
So why am I so stoked for this? Well simply put MECHA AREA!! One of the Events is a Gunpla Workshop; and we all know my about my love obsession with Mechs. It's the one main places you'd find me! However there are multiple other events I'd suggest you go check out if you happen yo hop on over! Animaga Events!

As usual, I too will be cosplaying. It's simply a must! Which character you ask? Lie Ren from the awesome Web-Series "RWBY" by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth!

Not only this! I will be joining the Advent Cafe crew! They too will be making an appearance there! More along the lines of they have their table setup ready to allow you guys to purchase some pretty epic merchandise! I mean, this is the main reason you'd want to come along! 

Did I mention that they will be cosplaying as Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie and Pyrrha Nikos? That's right! Team JNRP!! FTW!!

So come and check us out! It'll be pretty damn awesome to pop on over and simply say "BOOP!!"

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