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MechWarrior: Online - Hellbringer (Loki) Variants Speculation

So just yesterday Russ Bullock announced all the super duper FREE stuff we can get and what the next Clan Wave 2 will comprise of!! So first up, we have the Mist Lynx (Koshi), Ice Ferret (Fenris), Hellbringer (Loki) and Gargoyle (Man O'War).

I'll ignore the beloved Mad Dog (Vulture) because that's an awesome FREEBIE but you have to buy both the Masakari and Man-O-War package to get that for free.

Out of these 4 Mechs, the only 2 I reckon that are actually pretty awesome and worth it are the Hellbringer and Gargoyle. Even then the Hellbringer takes the cake as being the easy best and most anticipated out of those 4. Ok this is super biased as I absolutely LOVE the Loki!

And for this post! It's all about the Hellbringer (Loki)! Note that I'll be using each name interchangeably!

So other than the Prime Variants, PGI have not announced what other variants that would appear in game. So that allows me to speculate and dream! So first up let's check out the Hellbringer page on

The main thing that everyone will love about the Loki, is that it has ECM (in the LT)!! It'll be our first ECM Heavy Mech!! Expect a major negative quirk in that Left Torso! I also expect everyone who is remotely sane to mount that Prime Left Torso in every single Loki variant.

Now onto the Variants (again taken from

Alt. Config. A
The Hellbringer A, though apparently a long-range configuration, does have some unusual equipment. A set of two ER Large Lasers and an Ultra AC/5 serve as primary weapons, and are supported by a LRM-20 rack. The 'Mech also carries a Narc Missile Beacon to increase missile accuracy, probably intended for nearby fire-support units. At close ranges, the 'Mech can defend itself with an ER Medium Laser and also has two Machine Guns and an Active Probe for point defense.
Comments: I can see this as being one of the Loki Variants. It comes with an extra Missile Hardpoint and more Ballistic Hardpoints. However it has an equal chance of making it into the game with the next Variant.

Alt. Config. B
With a high damage profile at long and short range, the Hellbringer B does not utilize energy weapons as much, and so has few issues with heat buildup. A powerful Gauss Rifle and LB 5-X AC allow the 'Mech to ravage both armor and critical systems, with the Gauss Rifle's powerful slug and the LB 5-X's fragmenting shot. At closer ranges, the 'Mech has two SRM-6 racks slaved to Artemis IV fire control systems for greater accuracy, with an ER Small Laser as a backup weapon.
Comments: Out of these first 2 variants, I cannot think which will make it into the game. Definitely not both! They're IMHO way too similar. Admittedly both are armed quite different, but they both add more Ballistic Hardpoints and an extra Missile Hardpoint.

Alt. Config. C
A powerful brawler, the Hellbringer C's only long-range weapon is an ER Large Laser. The 'Mech also makes use of the recently developed ATM-6 launcher, which can perform similarly to LRMs, MRMs or SRMs, depending on the ammunition loaded. The Hellbringer C carries a devastating LB 20-X AC as its knockout weapon, able to quickly shred through armor with slug ammo or damage internal components extensively with a fragmenting cluster shot. A pair of ER Medium Lasers and a ER Small Laser act as backup weapons.
Comments: Uses weapons not yet in game. Won't be included.

Alt. Config. D
This variant is a vicious infantry hunter. It has four Plasma Cannons that are capable of dealing immense damage to conventional troops. Four B-Pods provide defense against battle armor, while four Medium Pulse Lasers provide accurate damage potential against hardened targets. A head-mounted Micro Pulse Laser provides added firepower against unarmored infantry.
Comments: Uses weapons not yet in game. Won't be included.

Alt. Config. E
This support variant uses a pair of ER Large Lasers for consistent damage. An LRM 10 supports them, while a Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle 20 with twelve shots provides a high-damage threat.
Comments: Uses weapons not yet in game. Won't be included.

Alt. Config. F
This variant carries a pair of LB 10-X's, one in each arm, supported by an ER Medium Laser. Another pair of ER Medium Lasers and a single SRM-6 launcher round out the weapons. 
Comments: I truly fully expect this variant to make it into the game. Admittedly it shares a lot of similarities to the Alt. Config. B; but for some reason, including this variant into the game just feels right. If this variant is included, I'd expect Alt. Config. A to make it into the game instead of Alt. Config. B. That way it keeps the variety of the Hardpoints for each Omnimech.

Alt. Config. G
This version carries an Inner Sphere built Improved Heavy Gauss Rifle with three tons of ammunition. This massive weapon is supported by an Improved Heavy Large Laser and three ER Small Lasers. 
Comments: Uses weapons not yet in game. Won't be included. 

Alt. Config. H
The Hellbringer H utilizes new Heavy Laser technology for its short-range arsenal. The long-range weapons of the 'Mech resemble those of the A configuration: the Ultra AC/5 is retained, though the ER Large Laser is upgraded to an ER PPC and the LRM-20 is downgraded to a LRM-15. For close range combat, the 'Mech has a powerful Heavy Large Laser and an array of four Heavy Small Lasers. The defensive equipment is the same as the A configuration, two Machine Guns, two Anti-Personnel Pods and an Active Probe.
Comments: Uses weapons not yet in game. Won't be included.

I expect out of all the Alt. Configs; that the A, B and/or F variants will make it into the game. Each offers a similar, yet different set of Omnipoints. They offer practically a variety of extra Omnipoints for some pretty sweet and awesome builds!

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