Friday, 19 September 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Pre-Release Hellbringer (Loki) Build Ideas

I am absolutely obsessed with the Hellbringer (Loki) - you know what? I'm just gonna use Loki as it's absolutely faster to type than Hellbringer. I have been looking forward to the inclusion of the Loki since the announcement of Clan Mechs. Hell Cattra and LtRics have probably been on the receiving end of my Loki obsessed rants!!

So how obsessed am I exactly? Obsessed enough to actually concoct several builds for a Mech that is 3 Months way from release. And thanks to a little but of intelligence and maths (or just insanity, probably the latter) I basically worked out how much Tonnage I can play with.

So first, let's go through some maths. How did I manage to work out exactly how much Tonnage I get to play with on the Loki? First up; explore the image below.

You'll notice that this Loki lacks the Anti Personnel Pods that the TRO3050 said it comes with. So what did PGI do? They replace the APods for an extra 2 Tons of armour; giving the HBR-PRIME 10 Tons of armour (320 points of armour equates to 10 Tons of armour).

So simple Maths here; start removing all the weapons and equipment. As the Loki is an OmniMech; you cannot change the Structure, Engine or Armour type. So the only thing we can mess with here, is just the weapons. Removing all the weapons calculates to 26.5 Tons.

Now to calculate armour values. The Loki is a 65 Ton Mech. Meaning it'll share the exact same armour as any other 65 Ton Mech (i.e. Catapult, Jagermech and Thunderbolt). Meaning the most optimal IMHO, or rather my preferred armour value for any 65 Ton mech is 400 points. Which is 12.5 Tons of armour. This means that the Loki only has 24 Tons worth of free space for Weapons.

So with this in mind; this is what I concocted.

If I remember correctly; this build idea has a 36% Cooling Efficiency. I worked that out by just using a Stormcrow with 16 Clan Double Heat Sinks and the exact same weapon armaments. This is probably what I'd plan to run on a Loki.

Go check out the Clan Wave II:

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