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MechWarrior: Online - Cataphract CTF-1X Build (Rage)

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

In order for me to Elite/Master my HeroMech, Ilya Muromets, I need to first Basic another 2 Cataphracts. The first of which is the CTF-1X.

Out of the non-HeroMech Cataphracts (CTF-1X, CTF-2X, CTF-4X and CTF-3D), my favourite would have to be the CTF-1X. The CTF-3D is considered the better of all variants, but I have never really cared much for Jump Jets or "Pop-Tarting". In my opinion, the best one would be the CTF-1X. It is able to fully make use of ALL it's Hardpoints (1 Ballistic and 5 Energy) and is can still mount a (relatively) large Standard Engine.
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
Note: I've chosen to name all my Cataphracts based off the Demons in Dragon Age: Origins (or the 7 Deadly Sins). "Rage" in DA:O is the frightening Close Combat demon made of pure fire and fury. Its tactics however, are very simple; attack an enemy on sight with as much force as possible until it perishes. A fitting name, "Rage", for my CTF-1X.

Rage V.1 < MechLab Link

Like I said, "Rage" is truly a fitting name for this Build. The description for a Rage Demon in DA:O, basically describes this Build exactly.

This Build is designed solely for brawling and nothing else. The AC/20 has always been and will be the King of Brawling Ballistics. Matched with the best brawling Energy Weapon, the Medium Laser, (in which you have 5) and you're set for destructive brawl! In addition you have a Standard 300 Engine and AMS!! If you have Speed Tweak, you'd have more than enough speed!

Group your weapons as thus: AC/20 in one group; all Medium Lasers in another (Alpha Strike) and another group for all Medium Lasers (Chain Fire). This Chain Fire Medium Laser group is solely there for when you need to manage your heat. Remember, shutting down in a brawl is almost always certain death!

If you wanted, you can trade out 1 Double Heat Sink for 1 extra Ton of AC/20 Ammo. Since I play conservatively and only fire the AC/20 when I know it will hit, 3 Tons is more than enough Ammo for me.

Rage V.2 <MechLab Link

The Rage V.2 is basically exactly the same as the Rage V.1 above. The only difference is that it trades some brawling power for some much needed range. In addition the 5 Medium Lasers run on 13 Double Heat Sinks instead.

Otherwise, not much explanation is needed on this build; besides that it will play exactly like the Rage V.1 but with better range for Alpine Peaks and Tourmaline Dessert.

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