Saturday, 29 June 2013

Project Phoenix BattleMechs in Mechromancer MechLab

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Literally as the title says. The Mechromancer MechLab that I prefer to use, now has all 4 Project Phoenix BattleMechs in the MechLab. We can now finally start designing/concocting builds for when we finally get our hands on these fantastic Mechs!!

I've already started messing around with it and have made a few pretty cool builds. I hope they'll be good too. I mean, a Battlemaster running around with 68kph (around 74 with speed tweak) seems pretty cool to me!!

Anyway check out the Mechromancer MechLab. I personally prefer it over Smurfy's, but that's just me.

Note: The Project Phoenix BattleMechs in that MechLab come stripped of everything with the lowest engine possible, unlike the BattleMechs that are actually released and start off Stock (Data Updated Jun 28 2013 18:34:18 GMT).

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