Thursday, 27 June 2013

MechWarrior: Online HeroMech Reveal - Victor Dragon Slayer

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This is going to be one very busy end of month!! First we get news on Project Phoenix with daily art and details released of our beloved Unseen. Now we get the HeroMech Victor (which will be out sometime next week, probably the 2nd July), Dragon Slayer.

Seriously PGI!! Give us a break please!! My wallet is already bleeding, I can't just murder it some more!! Bah! After spending $80 on Project Phoenix, my impulse buyer-ness is getting ready to buy more MC so I can get this baby. But I can't. I actually need to save up. But then, I did say screw the Victor, I get my Battlemaster...

Anyway let's take a look at the image and see what we get.

The first thing we notice it's got a lovely colour scheme. I especially love that little bit of orange running down the Dragon Slayer's left side. In addition on the Right Leg, there's a Sword symbol. The Victor is NOT Davion's flagship Mech. The reason they had so many, was because of how powerful and versatile it was. Victor Steiner-Davion did in fact pilot a Victor however. Could the Dragon Slayer possibly be Victor's Victor?

Regardless, the Dragon Slayer appears to be armed with a Gauss Rifle in the Right Arm, a PPC/ERPPC in the Left Arm, 2 Medium Lasers (or any of the other Lasers) in the Right Torso and 1 SRM 4 in the Left Torso (it could also be a SRM 6, I just noticed that there are 6 missile holes).

Judging by this count the most likely Hardpoints are:
RA - 1 Ballistic
LA - 1 Energy
RT - 2 Energy
LT - 1 Missile

Look at the Right Arm though. Notice the black patch next to the Gauss Rifle? I might be wrong, but that could be where a second Ballistic weapon will be added. Like the Heavy Metal and the Highlanders, where the second Ballistic weapon sits under the first. Maybe for the Victor they sit side by side.

In addition, the Left Arm PPC/ERPPC sits slightly higher (closer to the index finger and thumb), which could mean there are possibly 2 Energy Hardpoints.

In order to house this many weapons, the Dragon Slayer might have either a reduced engine (unlikely) or an XL Engine (most likely).

Anyway, damn you PGI!! I can't spend any more money on MW:O!! I just can't!! Stop tempting me!!
*Shakes fist*

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