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MechWarrior: Online - Locust Build Speculation

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The Locust is one of the most iconic Light BattleMechs ever!! Or rather it is THE most iconic Light BattleMech ever!! Trash Can with legs not withstanding. For me, I vowed never to pilot Light Mechs, unless it was either the Flea or the Locust (to me the Flea was merely a Locust substitute).

The Locust hasn't been released yet just yet (it will be on October 15), but the details have been. With this, we can begin to plan and speculate builds that we'd love to pilot. 
Project Phoenix is a go! The Unseen are back! After all these years, they are back! Back with a vengeance! Welcome to the battlefield; Locust, Shadow Hawk, Thunderbolt and Battlemaster!
The Locust LCT-1V will have 4 Ballistic Hardpoints (2 per Arm), and 1 Energy Hardpoint in the Center Torso. In addition it'll have 1 AMS Hardpoint in the Right Torso. It comes stock with a 160 Standard Engine, hence a speed of 129.6kph. It's max engine however is 170.

So this is my planned build for my Phoenix Locust LCT-1V

A Locust is a 20 Ton BattleMech, it can never make use of any Autocannon whatsoever. I mean it's probably possible, but impractical. But Machine Guns have just received a much needed so 4 of them is a clear no brainier.

I've never actually used Machine Guns before, but I think 1 Ton of Ammo per 2 Machine Guns is enough. So for 4, that means 2 Tons of Ammo. Spectating other people play Light Mechs, and I feel as if Medium Lasers just doesn't cut it for Light Mech duels, so instead we'll take a Medium Pulse Laser.

Light BattleMechs benefit the most from an XL Engine. After all, a simple breeze will make them keel over!!  A 160 XL, 165 XL and 170 XL all weigh 4 Tons, and the Locust's max engine is 170, so a 170 XL Engine is perfect!

Speed is life for a Light Mech, and even more so for a Locust. The main and advantage of the Locust would be it's speed and size. I sincerely hope the Locust will be way smaller than a Commando!

Truth be told, I don't believe this Mech will need any upgrades whatsoever. The only heat produced from this build is the Medium Pulse Laser and 10 Standard Heat Sinks can easily compensate. Endo Steel might be worth it, but it's only a 1 Ton saving.

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