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MechWarrior: Online - Cataphract CTF-3D Build (Sloth aka. Shotgun Surgeon)

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

Don't you know the saying "The weapon's shit... until you get killed by it."? Well I definitely know that saying. I read it somewhere; it was quite entertaining since it sums up several weapons in MW:O.

I recently came across a Mech with twin (or tripple) LB 10-X Autocannons who charged me and began blasting me at point black (around the 180m mark). He/she quickly shredded through my armour and literally ripped apart my Mech! I only had 1 Medium Laser and 1 UAC5 with ALL my torso (CT, RT and LT) internals red by the time someone saved me and brought him/her down (I died shortly after).

After this encounter I told myself I have so gotta try this. Hence the Shotgun Surgeon (or Sloth) was born.
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
Note: I've chosen to name all my Cataphracts based off the Demons in Dragon Age: Origins (or the 7 Deadly Sins). "Sloth" in DA:O is not exactly lazy, but rather it feeds off others' dreams. In this case, this build is based off the dude who shredded my Mech. Also I'm lazy and would rather call it Shotgun Surgeon rather than "Sloth".

Shotgun Surgeon V.1 < MechLab Link

The Shotgun Surgeon is currently a "Theory" Build. I still haven't actually bought the CTF-3D (I'm still about 2mil CBills away I think). But this build should be somewhat effective. As far as I know, heat shouldn't be much of an issue and is easily controllable. Surprise and ambush is this Mech's best friend.

I know for a fact that LB 10-X ACs are only super effective at close range so it's best to engage around maybe the 270m mark. Medium Lasers have always been the best Brawling and "Sidearm" weapons and so 4 of them perfectly complement the the twin LB 10-X ACs.

You can easily purchase Endo Steel and upgrade the Engine to a 300 XL, but my largest engine is literally a 280 XL and there's no way I'm spending 5mil CBills on an Engine when I can easily use that same amount of money to buy another Mech.

Shotgun Surgeon V.2 < MechLab Link

The V.2 Follows the same principles as the V.1 but gives you extra range during the first initial phase of combat. You sacrifice some close combat punch for better range. You also need Endo Steel and won't be able to mount that 300 XL.

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