Friday, 14 June 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Cataphract Ilya Muromets Build (Pride)

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

The Ilya Muromets has a reputation for being one of THE best HeroMechs currently available. It's a 70 Ton Mech and so is the current heaviest Heavy BattleMech (until the Orion joins the battlefield). This 70 Tons allows it to make use of its balanced Hardpoint loadout (3 Ballistic and 3 Energy). As I keep emphasising, it's basically a very good "All-Rounder" Mech.
I reject the current Meta and substitute... errr... something else!! Now check out this build!!
Note: I've chosen to name all my Cataphracts based off the Demons in Dragon Age: Origins (or the 7 Deadly Sins). "Pride" in DA:O is considered the most powerful Demon, and so my Ilya Muromets has been named "Pride".

Pride < MechLab Link

As you can clearly see, my build is merely a modification of the infamous Ilya Muromets Chainsaw build. I've chosen to forgo some armour and the added protection of AMS for another Medium Laser and a Double Heat Sink.

I find that even with the buff to LRMs, I can still survive very well without AMS, this is mostly due to my play-style. I consider myself to be a 2nd Line Mech. I'm not a full sniper/LRM support, and I'm not a brawler. I am able to snipe and brawl however, but I don't fulfill either role as good as Mechs designed for these roles.

Weapon grouping is very simple; all UAC/5s in one group, and all Medium Lasers in another. Chain Fire the UAC/5s and Alpha with the Medium Lasers. With Chain Firing, I find that the UAC/5s never jam, which allows me to unleash a hail of bullets without end. I also fire the Medium Lasers whenever possible, but I rely sole on the UAC/5s to murder anything. Oddly enough, firing like this (non-stop UAC/5s and firing the Medium Lasers when off CD) I actually do wind up overheating. This is mostly prevalent when I engage slow Mechs.


  1. Hey there again, really fun build, I substituted it into the CTF-3D because I'm cheap, but it still works quite well.

    You asked a while ago if i had any questions, and there is one thing perplexing me. While spectating, i saw a jager on my team that had 6 AC2's, how is this possible? As to the best of my knowledge the most ballistics orientated jager is the DD, which only as 4 ballistic hardpoints.

    Sorry for the wall of text, and keep up the good work man ^^

    1. NW and thank you :D

      The JM6-DD actually has 6 Ballistic Hardpoints (3 per arm) and 2 Energy (1 per torso). You might be thinking of the JM6-S which has 4 Ballistic Hardpoints (2 per arm) and 4 Energy (2 per torso).

      I don't recommend going for the 6 AC2 build, but it is doable (you'll need the JM6-DD). The build would look something like:
      - Engine: 235 XL
      - Head: 1x AC2 Ammo
      - CT: None
      - RA: 3x AC2s and 1x AC2 Ammo
      - LA: 3x AC2s and 1x AC2 Ammo
      - RT: 1x DHS
      - LT: None
      - RL: 2x AC2 Ammo
      - LL: 2x AC2 Ammo
      - Total Armour: 250
      - Upgrades: Endo Steel, Ferro Fibrous and Double Heat Sinks

      With this build many people use a macro so that they get the equivalent of "Chain Fire" for the AC2s.