Tuesday, 11 June 2013

MechWarrior: Online - A New Love

You remember how I always said that I hated the Cataphract? You know, I called it extremely ugly and fat and would never pilot one in my life? Yeah that Cataphract? Well I absolutely love it! What a turn of irony I know. But seriously, I love that damn ugly thing! It's like Pugs.

My cute Pug, Betty

I used to think Pugs were ugly till Betty (my Pug) came into my life. I love her (and all my pets equally); but Pugs and Cataphracts make a very good comparison. Both are very ugly (in a cute way for the Pug and a cool way for the Cataphract), but so much fun!!

Thanks to the Knights and Dragons Hero Sale this weekend, I figured I'd buy a CTF-IM, Ilya Muromets; and I tell ya, this has probably become one of my favourite Mechs!

The Ilya Muromets is the second Cataphract I've piloted (the first is the CTF-4X in which I've had more bad experiences than good ones). But this one, well at first I had a few bad experiences in (I did the noob thing and piloted it like I do my Jagermechs). Major error on my part. After a few matches, I slowly learnt the quirks of the Cataphract, and began to do much, much better; especially now that I've found the build for me (which will be featured this coming Friday).

I now seriously love this Mech. It's basically an "All-Rounder" Mech and has a very balanced Hardpoint loadout (3 Ballistic and 3 Energy).

Ilya Muromets (Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki)
I can now see why a lot of people consider the Ilya Muromets as THE best HeroMech ever (I still reckon the Firebrand is a very good HeroMech still).

In order to Elite/Master the Ilya Muromets, I'll be getting the CTF-1X (in which I've already concocted some "Theory" builds in which I could use).

CTF-1X (Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki)

And I'll also be getting either the CTF-2X or CTF-3D.

CTF-2X (Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki)

CTF-3D (Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki)

The CTF-3D has the Harpoints that I generally lean more towards, but IU have no need for a third XL280 Engine. Oddly enough, I'd actually prefer a second Stand 280; which makes the CTF-2X more appealing (it's also much cheaper to buy).

I've already build a few "Theory" builds for both variants (in which I'll feature at a later date). I'm leaning more towards the CTF-2X just for the Engine and because it's cheaper, and won't be such a waste when I sell it (I'm only keeping 2 Cataphracts, the Ilya Muromets and the CF-1X).

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