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MechWarrior: Online - Battlemaster BLR-1D Build

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I tell you, the first time I saw the Hardpoints of the BLR-1D, I thought, wow this might be the weakest Battlemaster Variant! But then, careful thinking and trying out different Builds, I find that this Battlemaster is actually pretty cool. And it looks super BADASS with 3 Ballistic Weapons in it's Arm.

The only problem is, I can't find a build that utilises all 3 Ballistics. I either run way too slow, or way too hot. So far, I found the most optimal is to use 2 Ballistics. Least, it's worked better than 3.

This build runs quite similar to my BLR-1G(P) Build, but then again, they are very similar in Hardpoints.
The Atlas might be the "King of the Battlefield", but there's only one true "Master of the Battlefield" and that's the Battlemaster.
BLR-1D Build

Mechromancer MechLab: N/A
Smurfy MechLab: [Link]

Role: Brawler/Assault
Speed: 64.8 kph
Firepower: 35
Armour: 480
Cost: N/A

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: Both AC/5s
Secondary Weapon Group: All 5 Medium Lasers
Tertiary Weapon Group: All 5 Medium Lasers (Chain Fire)

One might think this build is weaker than my BLR-1G(P) Build; but in fact, they're on par in terms of damage. Yes the overall Firepower has been reduced by 10, but the DPS is about the same. Also, heat is no longer a super issue. However if you don't run hot, you're doing something wrong.

Once again, those only fire your Secondary Weapon Group when the enemy is at around 270m, you don't want to waste unnecessary heat for little gain/damage. You have 2 AC/5s that have very good range, use them. Don't be afraid to waste ammo in firing longer distances. But do watch out, try to make each shot count and don't fire stupidly.

PS. If you feel the Battlemaster is weak and meager, wait until you get full Elite. It really becomes a super powerhouse then.

Edit: This is what I was able to achieve with this build. The BLR-1D has probably become my favourite Battlemaster now XD

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