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MechWarrior: Online - Boar's Head Released and Build Idea

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Today is patch day! Least it's patch day down here in Australia. Remember, Time Zones are super crazy, I'm 10 Hours into the future!!

Anyway, today's Patch Notes are pretty big. Big as in, a new map, Crimson Strait; and more importantly, the most expensive and largest HeroMech to date, the Atlas HeroMech, Boar's Head!

Seems I was totally wrong. It's just a complete random HeroMech not based on any existing Custom Atlas. I was right about the Hardpoints though.

The Boar's Head comes with 6 Energy Hardpoints (3 per Arm), 1 Ballistic Hardpoint (Right Torso) and 1 Missile Hardpoint (Left Torso). In addition, it is THE fastest Atlas to date, moving at 64kph WITHOUT Speed Tweak! Problem is, this Atlas will never be able to make use of it's insane speed. See, the engine the Boar's Head comes with is an XL 400, the largest and most expensive engine in the game. But XL Engines and Atlases (Atlai) don't mix well whatsoever.

I can see many pilots downgrading the Engine to a Standard 350 or higher. Usually a Standard 350 is considered the most optimal Standard Engine for an Atlas. But since the armaments of the Boar's Head is quite light (assuming 6 Medium Lasers) you can probably increase the Engine to a 360 or even 370.

If I was to pick up the Boar's Head, this is probably the build I'd try first.


Mechromancer MechLab: [Link]
Smurfy MechLab: [Link]

Role: Juggernaut/Assault
Speed: 58.3 kph
Firepower: 61
Armour: 560
Cost: 5.1 mil CBills and 7500 MC (Approximately)

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: AC/20
Secondary Weapon Group: 6 Medium Lasers
Tertiary Weapon Group: LRM 10

The main weaponry here is the AC/20 and 6 Medium Lasers. The LRM 10 is only there to provide some extra touch at range whilst waiting for the perfect moment to charge. Admitedly, the armament here is right heavy. Any smart player would know to aim for the Right Torso.

Thanks to that Standard 360, you'd be moving at 64 kph with Speed Tweak.

Would I consider the Boar's Head worth buying? Probably not, but for anyone who loves to pilot Atlases (Atlai), I can see them adding this to their Atlas Collection. I can also see them using the XL 400 on another Mech, like the Victor Dragon Slayer.

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