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MechWarrior: Online - Shadow Hawk SHD-2H Build

Update 1 (2/12/2013 22:40): Updated build and post [Here].

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I seriously feel the Shadow Hawk got the back end of things when it came down to the scaling of the Phoenix Mechs. I understand that weight doesn't equal size... but bloody hell, remind me why this thing is bigger than a Battlemaster? Is the damn thing hollow? Cos that would explain the crazy height!

In addition, the thing seriously feels super slow. It's moving at 81kph, but the Thunderbolt moving at 74kph feels way faster...

Regardless, the Shadow Hawk is seriously weak thanks to the scaling it got. Guess that's why only the insane MechWarriors pilot Medium Mechs :P

Anyway, the Shadow Hawk does have its moments, specially when you decide it'll be a funny idea to utilise all 3 Ballistic Hardpoints!

SHD-2H/SHD-2H(P) Build

Mechromancer MechLab: [Link]
Smurfy MechLab: [Link]

Role: Sniper/Support
Speed: 82.5 kph
Firepower: 11
Armour: 352
Cost: N/A

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: All 3 AC/2s
Secondary Weapon Group: Medium Laser

Normally I'd mount a Standard Engine if I was moving around Stock Speed. However I've never ever seen a Shadow Hawk get taken down by anything other that its CT. Maybe there's an issue? I wouldn't know. Regardless, there's something thrilling about seeing 3 AC/2s right next to your cockpit.

It looks crazy cool. It's like a trumpet of death or something. I can just imagine the trumpet music from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled ep.1 going off every time you start firing. It's just so cool!!

Regardless, this build is designed to stay far away from the enemy. Just hang back and shoot/suppress anything dumb enough to crest the ridge. That lone Medium Laser is kinda useless, but I like having a backup weapon, regardless how miniscule it is.

In addition, some Light Mechs love to pick on you. When that happens, use that Medium Laser and press the "Arm-Lock" button (default should be Left-Shift), then spray and pray. I find that I've somehow managed to leg and core a few Lights thinking that they can get an easy kill, "You want the kill mate, you have to work for it!"

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