Wednesday, 9 October 2013

MechWarrior: Online - In-Game Shadow Hawk and Battlemaster Images Leaked!

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Image courtesy of

Well guess what? We're practically one week away from getting our hands on the Phoenix Mechs!! ALL 12 Phoenix Mechs!! I seriously super can't wait!! This is gonna be super AWESOME!!

I'm already having major difficulties trying to choose which to pilot first. I'm thinking Shadow Hawk as it can fulfill the Striker roll I excel at. But the Thunderbolt is super fantastic!! Then we have the Battlemaster in all it's Assault Mech glory!! And we have the super tiny Locust who's just, well the Locust, 'nuff said.

Anyway, Russ Bullock has leaked the Shadow Hawk and Battlemaster in-game image. Thank you Russ, you're making me super excited!

Check it out, right meow!!



How cool yeah? They surprisingly captured the Artwork fully this time, and the Hitboxes don't appear to be bad either! Both Mechs look to have large Side Torsos, and small Center Torsos. They feel like the Centurion Torso Hitboxes actually.

IMHO, it would appear that all the Phoenix Mechs (besides the Locust) will benefit greatly from Standard Engines. The only way they'd benefit from XL Engines, is if they can fit a massive one, or one that allows them to move at least 100kph Minimum. Sort of like Centurions and XL Engines.

I could be wrong and they might just benefit more from XL Engines. I hope not, cos if that's true and they benefit greatly from XL Engines, that means they'll have CT issues, just like the Kintaro (pre-patch) and the Orion (and dare I say, the Dragon?).

Guess we can only speculate, theory-craft and wait as (im)patiently as possible.

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