Wednesday, 30 October 2013

MechWarrior Online - Catapult HeroMech Revealed

Everyone believed that the Founder's Mechs (Jenner, Hunchback, Catapult and Atlas) would never have a HeroMech released. How wrong we were. The first of these 4 Mechs to get a Hero variant was the Atlas. Several, many hours ago (yeah I'm a tad bit late with this news) the second was revealed.

Please welcome to the MechBay, the Catapult HeroMech, Jester!!

It would appear that PGI will be releasing these HeroMechs in descending order. First the Atlas, now the Catapult. Hunchback then Jenner is what I'd expect next.

Anyway, forget about what's coming and lets take a look at what's been revealed!
People are relating the Catapult Jester to the Cheshire Cat. I however see the Joker. As in the one and only, insane maniacal foe of the Batman, Joker! Truly... look at that colour scheme; green, purple and orange. Admittedly that grin is the wrong colour, and there's a distinct lack of white, however it still feels like the Joker to me.

Anyway, I don't really like the camo of this Mech. It's not dreadful like some people exaggerate, but it's definitely not good either. Truth be told, a change of colour is most needed.

Let's look at the image very closely and try to work what Hardpoints might this Jester comes with ay. At a glance, this is practically a CPLT-K2 (without the PPCs). The weapons in the arms look like Lasers of some form, most likely Large Lasers or Large Pulse Lasers.

Look at the Side Torsos and you'll notice the standard Catapult Side Torso Lasers, however they're lacking the CPLT-K2's Ballistic mounts. Take a close look at the Centre Torso; just underneath the Side Torso Laser, you'll notice a small indent with a Laser like hole. This is very similar to the CPLT-C1's Center Torso Laser Hardpoints.

So from just the image alone, we can gather there is at least 5 Energy Hardpoints with 1 Hardpoint of something else; most likely another Energy Hardpoint, making for a total of 6 Energy Hardpoints.

Another thing of note, is the 2 AMS the Mech has.

The Catapult HeroMech, Jester will most likely have 6 Energy Hardpoints, 2 AMS Hardpoints with a 10% chance of having Jump Jets. We can expect the Mech to have either a very tiny Standard Engine, or most probably, a large XL Engine.

The Jester's stock loadout I'm expecting (and hoping for) is 1 Large Pulse Laser, 1 Large Laser, 1 Medium Pulse Laser, 1 Medium Laser, 1 Small Pulse Laser and 1 Small Laser. This very strange weapon loadout befits the HeroMech's (or Anti-HeroMech's... get it?) name. This is in addition to dual AMS and possibly an XL300.

Truth be told, besides my innate hatred for the Catapult due to the abysmal Head hitbox, I have a feeling I'll be picking this one up. I care not for the camo and the colour; the Mech just seems kinda cool.

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