Saturday, 19 October 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Battlemaster BLR-1G Build

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I seriously suck at piloting Assault Mechs. I come to this conclusion from the fact that I lose more in an Assault Mech than I do in any other Mech (Lights notwithstanding). This doesn't make me a dreadful Assault Mech pilot. It's just that I'm not super beneficial to a team when I'm in one. Then again, every single game I've lost in a Battlemaster was due to Base Cap...

Truth be told, I average 500+ damage per game in my Battlemaster, and easily score a minimum of 1 Kill with the other 2 stolen... So I know my build works.

Anyway, a Battlemaster is a super fun Mech to play. Anyone who hasn't bought the Overlord Package, I feel super sorry for you! You're seriously missing out on so much fun!
The Atlas might be the "King of the Battlefield", but there's only one true "Master of the Battlefield" and that's the Battlemaster.
BLR-1G/BLR-1G(P) Build

Mechromancer MechLab: N/A
Smurfy MechLab: [Link]

Role: Brawler/Assault
Speed: 64.8 kph
Firepower: 45
Armour: 480
Cost: N/A

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: AC/10
Secondary Weapon Group: 4 Medium Lasers (Right Arm and Right Torso)
Tertiary Weapon Group: 3 Medium Lasers (Left Torso)

This build runs seriously super hot. If you fired all 7 Medium Lasers, you suffer a Heat Penalty. Hence you have to fire the Medium Lasers in salvos.

If the enemy is pretty far away (outside 270m) fire the AC/10 as much as you can, but also fire your Tertiary Weapon Group every so often. You don't want to waste unnecessary for little damage.

Once the enemy is within 270m, you can go all out in your Firepower. Just watch your heat and make sure you fire your Medium Lasers in salvos rather than all at once.

Controlling the Heat of this Mech is similar to the Swayback (HBK-4P), but a lot easier.

PS. If you feel the Battlemaster is weak and meager, wait until you get full Elite. It really becomes a super powerhouse then.


  1. My build has a 370XL engine 1.04 Heat Efficiency (on the limit of manageable I know..) 6 Ml, 1 ER LL, 2 AC5, 1Ton ammo (support initial shots or quick alpha) and yes, still have an LMR 10 1 Ton ammo. How do I do it ? Well its all about shaving armour a little bit here n there without compromising overall balance...though endeavour, but is working marvels for me ! :)

    I average 450 to 600 with several above 900 lucky games, my Philosophy in this build is to make the 2 AC5 support weapons for complementing heavy alpha or to kill before losing to much armour once XL equipped. I can guarantee it works, just split up the medium lasers in 2 groups so you have more heat control.

  2. In resume and more Clean:

    Battlemaster BLR-1G

    Engine 370 XL 77.6 Kmh
    2-AC5 1Ton
    1-LMR 1Ton
    1-AMS 1Ton


    Use speed to get in n out quick. Can brawl for short periods of time with lethal efficiency. Long range can place 4 weapons to bear on target, but avoid shooting AC5 unless sure you can hit.
    Normal use bets on heavy alphas n quick face to face kills (if you can't avoid them) in order to save XL engine and torso armour from extended brawling exposure in the first half of the game. On the second half no one is intact and if for one you are out of ammo for another now the lasers are more then enough to keep killing n scoring, remember AC5 n LRM are COMPLEMENTARY weapons not the main dish...Use LRM only when targets are on the direct line of sight. This build is extreme on all accounts heat management ammo management and armour management. It works only on the hands of skilled pilots.

    (The choice of 2 AC5 instead of 1 AC10 is due to gaining 1 second of cool down by comparison, quick heavy complimentary shooting)