Friday, 11 October 2013

MechWarrior: Online - In-Game Shadow Hawk Variant Image Leaked!

I tell thee, ComStar is having major security issues. I wonder who's risking their life to provide us MechWarriors with such juicy images and information? I too would like to help his/her organisation in hacking ComStar! I'm a MechWarrior, I can provide protection!

Anyway, check out the Shadow Hawk Variant image above! It's sporting the (recently) unlocked Flame pattern.

Which Shadow Hawk Variant is it? I know. I also know what Hardpoints it comes with! :P

According to ' ', the 2 Shadow Hawk variants we'll be getting are; the SHD-2D2 and the SHD-5M. So which of these 2 Variants does the image match?

That's easy, it's the SHD-2D2. The SHD-2D2 is basically an upgrade of the SHD-2D. Which the SHD-2D comes with an extra SRM 2 and a Medium Laser, at the expense of Armour. If you look closely at the image, there's an extra SRM 2 in the Center Torso and a Medium Laser on the Left Arm.
SHD-2D - The -2D looks to increase the close range capabilities of the Shadow Hawk at great cost to its armor. The -2D reduces the armor protection by five tons and adds a second SRM-2 launcher and an additional Medium Laser.
- Sarna, Shadow Hawk Variants
The SHD-2D2 comes with exactly the armaments except for the fact the SRM 2s have been upgrades to SSRM 2s.
SHD-2D2 - The -2D2 is an upgrade of the -2D Shadow Hawk. This upgrade changes the SRM-2 launchers to Streak SRM-2s and carries a total of six and a half tons of armor. Otherwise, it is identical to the -2D Shadow Hawk.
- Sarna, Shadow Hawk Variants
Now, according to the Variant and Image, I can practically predict what the Hardpoints will be. The Pheonix Shadow Hawk (SHD-2H(P))comes with 7 Hardpoints in total. We can assume the other Shadow Hawks will also come with 7 Hardpoints in total.

In the image, there looks to be space for only 2 Ballistic Weapons (just under the AC/5, you'll see a black square, which is very similar to the other Mechs already released). This shows that there is most likely 2 Ballistic Hardpoints.

There's also 3 Missile Hardpoints; 1 in the Head, 1 in the Right Torso and 1 in the Center Torso. Then you have 2 Energy Hardpoints; 1 per Arm.

This all equates to 7 Hardpoints in total.

Shadow Hawk SHD-2D2
Head: 1 Missile
Center Torso: 1 Missile
Right Torso: 1 Missile
Left Torso: 2 Ballistic
Right Arm: 1 Energy
Left Arm: 1 Energy
Note that I haven't bothered to put in the AMS Hardpoint.

Take this speculation with salt. But I reckon I'm correct. I give myself a 95% chance of being right, in both the Variant and the Hardpoints.

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